Balenciaga to Hermes back to Balenciaga

  1. Isn't this crazy? Over this year I stocked up on the following:

    Sandstone work
    Anthracite twiggy
    05 Caramel city
    Tomato day
    White giant hobo

    Hermes etoupe birkin

    And lately I've been lusting over a black first so I went ahead and ordered one.

    Ahhhh.... when will this obsession STOP! How many more bags do I need? I really hate myself for having wondering eyes when I already have a pretty decent collection.
  2. ohhh it never ends.... but i'm pretty happy with my collection for now until probably fall 2008 if something calls my name! i'm seriously hoping for a gray for fall.

    i think we are all collectors...
  3. I am new to the love of Bbags and I think that it will end when they stop coming out with new lovely colors and we all have one of each :smile::roflmfao:
    Congrats on your lovely bags.
  4. :devil:

    It doesn't end. Sorry. lol~~~~~~~
  5. I don't foresee an ending to all our obsessions ... but I love it, don't you? Love your collection btw!
  6. ^^ i wish i knew the answer to "why" girl!!! :p...i've been obsessed with them for 1 & 1/2 years now...and everytime i say "no more", another one comes into my life :noggin:...and the worst part yet, is that all of a sudden, i'm craving a raisin birkin or victoria!!!...that dream won't come true for a veeeeeeeeeery long time...but i know i'm sick to even be thinking about it right now!!! :sos:...however, H or no H, i'll never give up all my bal-babies!!!

  7. Oooh! Me too! I hope it's a grey like 04 or 05!

    I don't think we'll ever be happy, these bags look delish in all sorts of colors and styles, and now, they've doubled the number of ways we can be tempted with the GH.
  8. It will only end when you are broke :lol:
  9. ^^ amen to that (lol!!!) :angel::roflmfao::yahoo:
  10. ^^^ Haaa!!! I feel u Grande..
  11. ^^ okay, here's another one for ya!!! :woohoo:

    "it will only end when all you can afford to eat is":

  12. ^^^ ramen soup for the next 4 months? LMAO.
  13. It only ends when the dogs kibble starts to look good, and we are all growling for it!
    It also ends when the total minimum payments on your Credit Cards equal a new bag each month.
  14. wowsers - great collection!

    I hope my last 2 weeks since joining this site wont be a reflection on the rest of my life (one cant afford 2 bal bags and a chloe in 2 weeks ... really!)
  15. Girl, I've been obsessing over these bags for 5 years and it never ends!!!!!

    I keep telling myself that this is it, but I keep seeing the bags I like:p
    But I've sold most of the bags I had to fund the new ones, so I guess it's kind of justified???

    In a month time, I'll be pretty happy with my collection so I probably won't be buying much more....until I start getting the craving!!!:graucho: