Balenciaga Question

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  1. I am looking into buying a chanel cambon purse or the motorcycle, I am browsing stores online...And I ask....
    What color is the hardware on the Balenciaga?Some sites the hardware is a dark silver/light silver, yet other's have a gold tone to it?
    Are their any sites that you know carry authentics?
    My main concern is the hardware, that will knock out alot of the sites.! THanks!
  2. I know that Browns (a UK boutique), Aloha Rag and Barneys all carry Balenciaga, but they don't have the bags available for sale online. You have to either e-mail or call with your inquiries. I'm not sure about the hardware, though :huh:
  3. Krissy, the best way to purchase new colors of Balenciaga moto bags is by calling Balenciaga NY, Barneys, NM, Bob Ellis to name a few. On-line is pretty shady since there are so many websites selling fakes. You have to know for sure they are infact authorized by Balenciaga NY.
    Aloha rag is great too but they won't be receiving any new colors until mid January and you have to call to be on their email notification list. Once, the bag is in.. they will email you and it's first come first service.
    Browns is great but since you live in U.S, it ends up costing alittle more.
    The new bags should have brass and not silver. They had silver hardware back in 03'.
  4. yay bob ellis! they're really great, i recommend them! not nearly as snooty as your average luxury boutique.
  5. You are correct, Maxmara, the new bags do have brass not silver. I just got a motorcyle (medium/city) bag last week and the hardware is brass.
  6. Ummmm, the denim box that I bought today from Barneys has silver that just because its from last season?
  7. It might be. SS06 and FW05 might have different hardware. They seem to change it a lot.
  8. certain recent bags do have silver hardware. the F/W 05 metallics do
  9. I like the Dark gun metal, but the bag I like, I'm leaning towards the white, green, or red <--- but I want this one in cloth canvas if they have it, I saw it in tan, but I would like red...

    *white small motor. (not the twiggy)
    *Green I like the BRIGHT one
    * and red, but want it canvas...

    But I don't know which one will have a better look with the brass....
  10. It depends on the year and the style of the Balenciaga bag. For instance, the "early" B-Bags had silver hardware (you will see this on the Black and Red bags that Sienna Miller carries around, as they are both older bags).

    Balenciaga then changed the silver to:
    --> Dull brass (in other words - not shiny - if shiny, the bag is FAKE)
    --> Dull gunmetal (again - NOT shiny)
    --> Metallic (2004 metallics had the same color hardware as the bag itself)

    This year's metallics have silver, brass or gunmetal hardware (depending on the bag). The other bags mostly have the brass or gunmetal, but some of them have been made with the silver hardware again.

    So, the hardware itself can't really be used as a guide as to whether or not the bag is authentic.

  11. The Denim Box bag is current season ... there wasn't a Denim bag prior to this one.

    The cloth bags are fairly recent too - Spring/Summer 2005. Prior to that, Balenciaga made a "Rasta" bag (Black fabric with Red/Green stripes), but it's pretty rare. Balenciaga also made a fabric (Tweed) Voyage/Weekender bag (it just so happens that someone has it up on eBay right now); also a rare bag.

    Red is a pretty rare color too. The beautiful Cherry Red color that Sienna Miller has been pictured with, is a very early bag (2nd season). The Fall 2005 season also had a Red bag, but the color is different that the original one. I've heard that Balenciaga will not be making any more Red bags (at least for now).
  12. Noooooooo.... :sad2:
  13. You're absolutely right about that. I forgot my pewter has silver hardware:P
  14. hello!anybody knows hgbags from ebay?