Balenciaga Paris or Printemps ?

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  1. My best friend is going to Paris in June/July and she offered to bring me back one First B-bag. :yes:
    But she can head to one store , 1) so Printemps or Balenciaga paris ? I heard good things about Printemps so I
    Suggested her to go to Printemps . But Printemps's Balenciage store is a big in store boutique ?
    2) I am wondering if Printemps still have some color left from previous seasons ? Anyone knows .. I am searching for Magenta First. (from 2005 might be too early collection)
    3) Does anyone know if Printemps's B store will also run some sales during July sale season ?
    4) any particular SA you recommend ?

    thanks a lot , so excited ! :yahoo:
  2. I found Printemps to be much more user-friendly than Bal Paris, both in terms of service and selection. Finding Magenta would be super hard, and I doubt that either has any stock from that far back. I only went once so don't have any SA recommendations, but perhaps some Parisiennes might?
  3. Hi , I was at both stores a week ago and they only have the current colors available, no magenta.
  4. I asked BalParis about magenta a couple of weeks ago but no luck. If you friend goes to Balparis I would recommend working with Francisco. I never met him personally but I have spoken with him on the phone several times and he has send me a couple of bags. He is very sweet and helpful and very patient I might add:smile:
  5. For the sake of your friend having a nice shopping experience I would recommend Printemps because she can wander round and shop for other items too plus she can hop next door to Galeries Lafayette as well
  6. I think Francisco was the gentleman at Bal Paris who showed me some bags. He was very nice and helpful. But I'd also agree to go to Printemps first. I think they have more stock.
  7. Can you Parisienne ladies help me with the info on which colours and styles that Bal Printemps carries in stock now? I have my friend goes there in June, too! :yahoo:

    Would like to know if I'll have any luck getting the VG or FB in GH day or matelasse (as my priority colours and style) or any other GH styles in these 2 colours??? Anyone who lives in Paris, kindly help me pleasssse :cutesy: ...and thanks so much in advance!!
  8. Does Printemps still have aqua?
  9. I'll phone le Printemps on Tuesday(tomorrow it's holiday).
    Chloé is a really nice and helpfull person in Le Printemps,I've had another SA on phone,she was really gentle too.
    Nathalie is also perfect ,she works at Balenciaga.
    There was no cobalt(=aquamarine) in Bal(perhaps some with GH,not sure.Here,GH is called "caliente" by Bal.'s SA.
    There are some weeks ago,there were only City bags available in aqua.
  10. Thanks anilouann! I wish I'd gotten an aqua city, aww. If you should call on Tuesday, would you mind asking when they get in the jaune and tomato bags for fall? City or firsts? Thanks so much!!
  11. thanks anilouann , if possible can you ask if the FIrst is still Euro 865 ? Also what color is currently avilable in First ?