Balenciaga newbie here! I've seen many styles made of goat leather that have

  1. a "cracked" or "distressed" appearance. Then I saw a girl at my gym carring a red bag which I thought was balenciaga, but the leather looked very supple, thick and soft, almost like calfskin. Does balenciaga make a bag like this? If so, what is the style name? Thanks!
  2. All Balenciaga Motorcycle style bags are made of goatskin. Balenciaga leather can look completely different depending on the year, season and style.
  3. Sometimes the red bags have thicker, smoother, smooshier leather. I love my rouge VIF. It has the best leather of all my bbags.
  4. Yup! Just do a search or browse through the sticky above, 'Documenting Leather Variations" to see just how large of a range there can be:yes: !