Balenciaga-New York

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  1. Hi girls! :smile:
    I'm going in New York on 19th April!
    I'm italian and I would like to know if Barney or Neiman Marcus or Saks sells Balenciaga bags...
    Do they already have the fall/winter 08-09 collection?
    And how much does the city cost in USA?
    Thank yuoi a lot!
  2. In New York, Barneys carries Balenciaga, but not the other department stores. Aloha Rag was supposed to open at the end of March but I'm not sure if they did. Kirna Zabete also carries a limited selection. So your best bet is to visit BalNY in Chelsea and Barneys on Madison.
  3. Thank you! You're very kind!:smile:
    When can I find the new collection in the shops?
  4. ^If only we knew! Usually the fall collection starts to trickle in sometime mid-summer...
  5. september as i recall....