Balenciaga, MJ, Chloe, and more OH MY! Luisa via Roma Sale!!

  1. Check out the Luisa Via Roma website! Great prices on great bags. 50% off Derek Lam, 30% off Balenciaga, Chloe and MJ - plus others. Google "currency converter" to convert Euros to U.S. dollars. WOO HOO!!:yahoo:
  2. Okay - so I bought the MJ Julianne in lt. grey patent from LVR. I had recently purchased that exact same bag from Bergdorf's for $1350. but hadn't used it yet. Thank goodness tags, etc. are still on it so I can return it. From LVR it was $921.30 Don't forget - if you buy from LVR and you live outside the EU, you get the VAT deducted.
    Anyone else buy something from LVR's sale? Share your excitement!