Balenciaga Marigold Yellow First sold for $2302

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  1. WOWZA!

    Thats like AU$2900... which is A LOT OF MONEY!

    I wonder if a PF'er won...?

    I hope so!

    PS - Mods, hope this thread isnt breaching the rules... not really pasting any eBay links or anything :shame:
  2. Holy Moly! Bal definitely needs to come out with a yellow to feed the demand.
  3. Holy Cow!! I hadn't anticipated it would go for that amount, but considering the color is so beautiful and rare, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. I hope that someone here got the bag. Yellow goes with so many outfits, it will make someone very happy.
  4. wow...that is unbelievable
  5. W:wtf: W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. holy sh*t!!!

    also hope it was a PFer!

    I posted a thread about this about a week and a bit ago, but it got shut down. : (
  7. :nuts: WOW, I think that breaks a record for a First that wasn't flat brass, pebbled or original Le Dix. I am so glad I don't like the First. If it had been a City or Twiggy I don't know if I could have resisted. Marigild is so beautiful, so is mustard. It was in great condition and I too hope that a PF'er got it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.