Balenciaga (-like?) first on SATC

  1. I was watching Sex and the City reruns on HBo OnDemand today and saw Carrie carrying a balenciaga-like bag in episode 80, the one where she goes to jury duty and gets the post-it from Berger...

    its white and canvas i think, looks like a flat brass first almost... I keep trying to pause it in the right place, but it isnt working with my digital camera. has anyone else seen what i'm talking about? I cant decide if its real or a knockoff or some weird rendition i'm unaware of. there isnt a shot that is good enough to tell what it is. :lol:
  2. Samantha - Ext. Street (19): Dress: Teal Matthew Williamson; Jacket: Houndstooth Acadia; Shoe: Avocado Manolo Blahnik; Purse: White Balenciaga

    There's a fashion credit link and it said the above, although she isn't wearing the rest of that stuff *LOL*
  3. hmm. maybe its a list of "some" of the items on the show- i rewatched the episode again and didnt see samantha wearing a white balenciaga- so it musta been the one carrie was carrying... who kows if its even real?
  4. It probably is real. I don't think they wore fakes on SATC.
    I remember seeing it too and I think it looked like a purse but I couldn't see it clearly
  5. it looks like "purse" not "first" to me... but not really sure.
  6. It looks way too small to be a Purse...