balenciaga leather questions!


Mar 7, 2006
i just called bal NY and they have my city in black!! about to order them but wanted to get some opinoin from you guys.

ive been reading all these posts about new leather and old there reallie such a big difference? would getting the black city now not be a good idea (since its not as nice as the older one) please help me decide!

im dying for the bag right now but dont want to make a wrong decision!

also - does anyone think the b-bag will go outta style soon? i dont wanna spend 1200 and cant use it anymore lol! :shame:
Personally, I cant say the leather is all that different. I love every season I have had so far starting from 04' to now. To me it seems that bbags just keep getting more and more popular. I think if they begin to work their way out it wont be for quite awhile. That would be my opinion.
A B-bag in my opinion is pretty timeless - it has no trendy aspects to it - it is a pretty basic purse.

I love them and a black city is my next acquisition - I am just going to wait for fall when I would actually be using a black bag.

I can't wait to see your pictures though, I like to see motivation. :biggrin:
Here's a recent lilac that looks ok to me..

And here's a recent lilac with leather I really don't like

And both of them are authentic.
Compare it to this lilac in older 2004 leather

or this rose in older 2004 leather

See the difference? It's hit or miss with the newer leather, you can end up with really nasty distressing or not. I'm not a big fan of the newer stuff, but that's just me- a lot of people are cool with it.

In or not, I love my bbags too much to let them go! I don't care if they're "in" or not. They're my babies. I don't own a black one, and I think it's mostly because they make such amazing colors- I don't want to miss out. :smile: If they're on their way out, I'll be snatching them up on ebay!
spiralsnowman said:

Are those your Marc Jacobs shoes in your avatar? They're so cute!Do you mind if I ask you where you got them? I've been searching for them for a while...

I love those shoes!! I found them in a slide-esque version in white patent leather on go there and then to the MJ section! Let me know if you get them, Im considering it!!
Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't the leather on black b-bags been more consistent than all of the other colors? I really haven't come across a black bag that was marbly/veiny/shiny especially like an ink bag.
mlertpac said:

Wow! Seeing that way definitely makes me happy that I didn't get the lilac city. The old leather/color looks so much better than the new in that color. That second one looked dreadful.

The thing that struck me was how high some of these bids were going for, especially for bags that are still available!!! It blows me away!

I wonder if Bal goes back to the old leather, whether the "new" leather ones will be collectibles still.