balenciaga le dix handbag

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  1. hello,
    i am debating on what color to get in the balenciaga le dix handbag, black or brown. the black is a classic and will go with everything, but brown handbags are very popular for the fall season. what do you think??
  2. I'd rather have a black, never really cared for brown balenciagas. Unless you're only going to use it this season, then brown definitely.
  3. I would go with brown. Could I see a picture of it?
  4. how many black bag do u have all allready ? will this be ur main bag ???? or is this to just add on to the collection ???

    I know I know all the questions , but that what i ask myself before i get something

    but of the top to answer i would go with the brown
  5. Brown is in now. But if you don't have many black bags, I'd say black. :smile: Black is (almost) always a safer choice.
  6. Yup, I totally agree with kojiko. Black is extremely safe. I went and bought a black version of a bag instead of that green one that I really wanted. Then my friend went and bought the green version and it looked awful so black is the safest choice.
  7. I have the black one and I dig it:smile: Honestly though, I'm kinda bored of that bag and so now it sits in its box on the shelf of my closet.
  8. Does anyone know when new Spring/summer colors will be available for these bags? Thanks!
  9. thanks guys for all the feedback!! i decided to go with the safer, maybe more boring, route of buying the black one.
  10. oh man,i wish to have a balenciaga but is way to expensive for me to afford. :sad: sorry if i sound like a spoiler.
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