Balenciaga in Toronto?

  1. It was not long ago when I discouvered the Purse Forum. I never paid attention to Balenicaga before and for all I know, I may have walked right by it at the store.
    Can anyone tell me where they are sold in Toronto?
  2. Holt Renfrew, and they are having a sale at the present moment.
  3. Holts is the only way to go if you want to buy it in person. I'm in T.O. too, unfortunately, I find that their selection (colour/style) is limited, and the staff is...........(to put it politely) not knowledgeable...............and about $100-$200 taxes of course.................That being said, it's still the only place........
  4. Hi, I am from Toronto also. If I have read your post a month ago, I would have disagreed with you about Holt's overcharge with their products.
    I am not sure if you seen my other thread that I started. It was my happiness being expressed because I bought a Botkier Bianca bag. I marched into Holt's, ready to buy it and something told me to go for a walk and make sure that I will be really happy with my purchase. Not far from Holt's is a shoe store and they sold Botkier. And, it was about $20.00 cheaper. Would you happen to know where else it is sold in Toronto?

    Thank you all so much for repling.;)
  5. Holt's is the only one and they are ridiculously overpriced. I only buy from BalNY or Aloha Rag.