Balenciaga in Taiwan

  1. Hey, I'm going to Taiwan for 4 days and was wondering what shops I need to visit for Bal purchases:tup:

  2. Sogo Br4 Taipei @ 3F, No. 300, Sec 3, Jhongsiao E. Road 106, Taipei
    (note - this is the new Sogo which is diagionally across from the Original Sogo. This one has the widest collection).

    Mitsukoshi Taipei @ 1F, No 19, Song Kao Road 110, Taipei
    (this one is pretty good as well)

    Minisogo Taipei @ 1F, No.246, Sec 1 Dunhua S. Road 106, Taipei
    (this shop has very little collection and the SA sucks!)

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  3. Balenciaga in Taiwan is much more expensive than the pricing here in the States. Unless you find a colour that has already been sold out or hard to find, I'd think twice about buying there. SAs were okay, at least the last time I was there.
  4. Thanks!:tup:

    I'm also looking into consignment shops, if there are any in Taiwan..since I'm going after the older season bags:p
  5. ladies, is it true that if you're a foreigner who buys LV in taiwan they refund u the tax at the airport? Would this apply to balenciaga bags bought in taiwan as well? :smile:
  6. hi, may i know if taiwan balenciaga is cheaper as compared to singapore?
    im a singaporean so i would be able to enjoy the tax rebate when i go there yup?

  7. Hello to everyone out there
    I have been following this forum for 2 years
    But hardly start my own thread:p

    I will be going to Taiwan next month:nuts:
    and is wondering if there's any good place to get a Bal bag(maybe two? no?)

    Thank you very much in advance:yahoo:
    will certainly post a "reveal" thread here.

  8. Hi. Fellow Taiwan-er here too. I don't know where you are currently living but prices may be cheaper elsewhere. If you could post more info on what you are looking for etc. We may be able to help you more. Good luck.

    BTW, I hardly ever start my own thread either. Glad to see you came out of hiding. Post more! Happy hunting for you bbag!
  9. Hi, Kai Lien. Reading those 2 threads, I just realised that they aren't cheaper there at all. Maybe I should get it somewhere else.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your offer to help.;)

    You too should start your own thread.:biggrin:
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    HI, there.

    I know a but I've heard the price in TW is higher than HK, and of course the price in HK is higher than Europe.

    And I am so sorry I don't like the word "Taiwanese", because most of TW residents are Chinese people, they moved to TW in ancient times and during the civil war in China in the 20th century.I think the word "Taiwanese" is not correct, I think Taiwanese are also Chinese people.

    Of course we talk about our fav b bags at TPF, but I still want to say I don't like the word. just the word not you and any other people.Hope that not makes you unhappy.
  11. Hi Rui, I know what you mean. The whole big issue about being taiwanese/chinese thing bugs me too. I feel like I don't have an identity sometimes. I usually say I am chinese but I just go with the flow. It's all the same to me too. I am a person first and foremost. hehe. Sorry to all the readers that this is getting OT.

    Anyways, akaNAE, have you ever considered buying from Aloha Rag? For the most part they have awesome bags and offer a discount too. The more you buy from them, the higher the % you get!
  12. aloharag has discounts? ive purchased from them before but didnt know about it. do let me know more!
  13. To everyone here, I'm really sorry if the word "taiwanese" has offended you some way.
    Just so you know that I have no intention.
    It was just because I will be going to Taiwan, not other parts of China.

    Thank you all of you soooo much. That sounds interesting.
    ALOHA RAG!!! I'm coming!!!