Balenciaga Horror Stories - What's yours?

Dec 4, 2006
Ok guys,

I thought I would start this thread (not sure if there is already one?) as I have a bit of a horror story of my own to share and perhaps other PF girls do too!

Last night I took my Twiggy out to the movies.

After leaving the movies I noticed that someone had spilt fizzy drink on her... (probably walking past with an open drink or something)

I zoomed home, and thank god it came off with some LMB cleaner!

I had pre-protected it too, so it came off with ease... but if I hadnt done that would it have?! Gosh I dont want to even imagine!

I'm sure that other members have some horror stories to share too, weather it was a rip, spill, dropped, squashed, stained, lost or stolen bag!

Do tell!
well... I once bought a twiggy impulsively one evening. when it arrived, it was authentic... but it was a MINI twiggy.

i was so upset. it was like only big enough for my cell and my car keys...
A few weeks after getting my first (and only, so far) B-bag, I got in a car accident. I was driving down the road, and this guy blew through a stop sign and hit me. This was the second time in two months that I had been hit, so needless to say, I was really upset. We got out, exchanged information and the cops came, etc.

Once I got back in the car and went to put away my pen and paper with the guy's info, I noticed that somehow, in my state of confusion and dismay about the accident, I had gotten ink on the top of my greige twiggy.:crybaby:

I used alcohol on a q-tip and most of the ink came out, but it did lighten the leather, so now I have a whitish spot near the zipper.:Push:
Some of you may know this story.

Last spring, I purchased a Balenciaga Bordeaux Box from a private seller. When the box arrived, it contained a cheap Lancomb plastic makeup bag. I FLIPPED! After going back and fourth with the seller (who claims the post office stole the Balenciaga, replaced it with the other bag, then taped it back up :rolleyes: ) she eventually refunded me the money and the original bag showed up at her doorstep. The whole thing was just so bizarre. Thank goodness for the PF and all the support the ladies here gave me. :love:
Becca, I remember that story but I didn't know the final outcome! Interesting.

I have had several Balenciaga/latte encounters, but they have all ended happily, thanks to LMB or a quick catch from the husband.
I think mine would be new years eve... i don't know what hit me... i brought my black city out... *_* :huh:ffF .. whole night I was just being paranoid, for any kind of spilling or rubbing... or ANYTHING!!... ahh..
A few splish splash of liquid did get on the bag, but to my suprise the bag was in pristine condition when I got home!!... :biggrin: (even got a bit smooshier now hahaha)
mine is not involving accident more to miscalculation :P

i was soooo dying for balenciaga bags, i almost open for any kind as long as it fits my budget...
i found a great red metallic one on ebay, and ckick BIN.
i was sooo excited when it arrives, but it turns out to be a mini twiggy which is too small for me :P
but i used it anyway for some times, then after i purchased few more b bags, i let this mini beauty go on ebay again :smile: