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  1. Hi! I'm looking to get my first Balenciaga bag :yahoo: and I have my eye on the First bag. They're so cute! I'm just concerned about the size; for those of you who have one, are you able to fit necessities (cell phone, wallet, keys, etc) in it comfortably?
    Is it a practical size for everyday use? Also, is it the First the same thing as the Mini Motorcycle (Sorry, I'm a noobie :rolleyes:) I'd really appreciate your opinions!! Thanks! x
  2. I don't own a First but this will help you visualise the size.
  3. my first bbag was a first! =) it fits everything for me since i don't carry much on me. it fits a wallet, my glasses case, keys, cell phone, chapstick, and camera. and with just a teeny tiny bit of room to spare. otherwise, its great and i love it.
  4. I thought I'd never own a first because of the size... but, when you need a smaller, easy, on the go bag... its great!...:tup:

    Necessities... Sunnies, small wallet, bal Coin purse (used as makeup bag), Sanrio Pen, garage door remote, Cell... and thats it~!
  5. You should check out the "What's in your Bbag?" thread at the main Bal forum (sticky). There are tons of pics of members' Firsts and what they fit. I have a pic in there and it definitely fits the necessities comfortably.
  6. i love my first :yes:

    i can fit my cell, wallet, small kipling bag, digital camera, raybans, lipbalm, hair clip... yeah, it fits alot more than you'd think. the only thing i can fit in my city that i cant fit in my first is a sweater and/or notebook. the first is really comfortable to carry too... i've been using mine for the past few days and its alot lighter to carry than my cities.
  7. I love my first. I don't carry much and it fits my LV wallet, make-up kit, cell phone and keys.

    ETA: The Mini First is not the same as the First. It's smaller than the First.
  8. theres a mini first??
  9. My first bbag was also a first. But I sold it because for my needs it was definitely too small for an everyday bag. (For an evening bag it would be fine).
  10. I am using my Ocean First today and here's what I've got inside, without it looking too bulky:

    Small cell phone, keys, large Prada sunglasses in American Apparel fabric case, small digital camera in Balenciaga coin purse, lipstick, perfume atomizer, Purell, nail file and pen in Balenciaga coin purse, iPod classic 160gb, iPod shuffle and earbuds in Balenciaga coin purse, bag hanger and Balenciaga Mini Compagnon wallet.

    I find that unless I need things like a book or water bottle, it holds all of my other essentials with absolutely no problem, and without looking too stuffed and bulky.
  11. The First is quite small. I agree that it holds the necessities but I would almost consider it as agreat option for an evening bag.

    I am 5'10" and the First seems out of proportion with my height. The First seemed lost with my frame. I think it's a lovely bag on petit frames.
  12. Adore it! Where can I find the pics of Scarlett and Alexis?
  13. I've a first, I can carry inside all that I need but I prefer to have more space in my bag. For an everyday use, I think is better a city.
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