Balenciaga Fake of the Day

  1. Probably his friends and family.
  2. ditto. This one is painful, but I think the most painful ones are the super fakes. Like that rose/lilac city that's been lurking around. ;)
  3. Another fugly fake! They're taking over :blink: Did you read the seller's feedback? The response he gave for the negative he received was for that the person he had purchased the item for died. I would think that's something you would keep private between you and the seller :blink:
  4. i can't believe somebody wants to pay $ 250 for that bag...!
  5. :-O yuck! hehehe!
  6. Are you serious? That's so messed up, I'm inclined to believe it's true...

    About that rose city... it is definitely fake, right? The texture is different than most fakes I've seen. Where do these super-fakes come from?
  7. That is so dreadful! I can't believe someone is paying money for that!!!! ARGGGHHH!!! It makes me want to scream! What rock do these people crawl under from???
  8. How do you tell its a superfake? What usually gives it away?
  9. yeah... how can u tell..? i can usually tell with the new leathers coz they're shinier and more distressed... but the older ones r a bit hard... *yikes*