Balenciaga day in Automne?

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  1. Hi, I fall in love with the day bag in this color. Is anywehere that I can find this bag? I believe it's from last year's collection, and hard to find. Or could anyone tell me there is similar color as Automne that could be the replacement? Or if you think it's not worth to go for it right now.... Thank you very much.:graucho::yahoo:
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  4. sorry Jira.
  5. ^ No biggie, the Shopping rules are updated from time to time ;)
  6. thank you guys :smile:)
    It seems that Brown color family are not popular in B bags? What colors are more versatile then?
  7. I have a day in Sienna, that is from the year before Automme. And i think it is a great colour and it suits with everything.
    Hugs FX