Balenciaga City vs Miu Miu Bow Satchel

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  1. I've been waiting a really long time to finally invest in a bag again, and now I'm torn between two lovely styles. I love the balenciaga city and feel like it's a classic, but I also love the miu miu bow satchel and think it kind of "stands out" a little more because of the bow detailing on the side.

    I'll baby a bag when I first get it, but I don't want something that I'm going to have to dote on to keep in good shape. I've never owned a balenciaga so I'm not sure how the leather holds up - I typically like a slouchy bags that still look elegant no matter how much you put in them. Does anyone own both by any chance?

    Also, is black too boring of a color to get if I decide on the city? I know balenciaga is known for their colored leathers, but I find myself being drawn to it. Your thoughts are appreciated :smile:
  2. miu miu bow satchel is cute....but bals are classic and timeless!! i'd say bal all the way!
  3. Definitely Balenciaga City for me. To be fair, the Miu Miu bow satchel is cute and the price's good too... I did check it out IRL when I was in Italy, but I was somewhat disappointed by the leather quality. Didn't quite work out for me. My Bal City is my rugged-use bag and I'm lovin' it!
  4. I've had both and would vote for the City. The Miu Miu Bow's design is really cute and the color was so lovely (I had it in purplish-grey Fumo) but the leather seemed a lot more delicate and prone to marking compared to the Balenciaga.
  5. i have both and i love them. i'm sorry that i'm not much help but i hope you like the pics :smile:

    Rosso bow


    Sang City GGH


    Group Pic

  6. I had both and I sold the miu miu and kept the city, I think the leather is very prone to damage especially where the flap bit folds over. I used mine about two months and the sealant on the fold really started to crack.
    I love the style though, maybe the miu miu sub forum girls have some tips for protecting against this?
  7. I have both bags, but I use my Balenciagas more than I do the bow.
  8. What year was your Bow from, aimtree? I read that this was an issue with the earlier Bows. Mine was from 2009 and didn't have that problem, but then again, it was barely used before I let it go.
  9. Bal city all the way!!
  10. I think they are 2 completely different bags. I prefer the mini bow over the regular size bow. It's smaller, same size as the LV speedy 25. I bought the bag for it's pretty girly look qualities...
    I do think the Miu Miu Bow is more delicate & higher maintenence than the City.
    The sealant issue happened with the earlier bows. I have had no problems with mine, which was purchased in 2010. Both bags serve for different purposes...
    If it's an everyday bag you are after & you love your bags slouchy that still look elegant no matter how much you put in them, then I say go for the classic City! It's exactly that...:smile:
    Also Black City is not boring at all, it's a Classic.... I cant live without mine...;)

    Good luck with your decision.


  11. another vote for bal... i think it's more classic...
    and black city is never boring... but i dont have a single black bal...
    i love the bright colour of bal...

    the black we can always get later... but i've been thinking about black rggh work though :smile:
  12. mayen120... love the sang ggh... it's gorgeous
    i can see that we both are fans of red coloured bag.. mine is ruby ggh though :smile:
  13. I actually had this same debate a couple of months back, I had saved up for my next designer purse and went determined into Nieman's to get a Balenciaga but then saw the Miu Miu and took about an hour deciding which one to get. I chose the Bal because it just looked higher quality and personally it was just screaming my name.

    After all that I say go with the Bal, you won't regret it!!
  14. Can't possibly help you choose. I have 3 Citys and 2 Bows and love them all.
  15. #15 Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
    They are definitely very different bags.
    City is definitely more chic & the Bow is more girlish.
    I bought my Bow back in 2007 in Fumo color, the leather is definitely stronger & thicker than Bal leather. However I also have the sealant cracking issue, but they will not it doesn't bother me much, I normally use the Bow when it is rainy day, as I think it is more durable than Bal leather...
    If you are going to get either the City or Bow in black, I would prefer City though.
    I prefer Bow in a more fun color. HTH.

    Edit: if you love the slouchy look of a bag, I also think City will suit you more than, as the Bow is keeping her shape even for more than 3 years now!