Balenciaga City as a school bag?

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  1. Can the Balenciaga City be used as a school bag? I'm currently thinking of putting in my 13" Macbook Air and a couple of notebooks. Will the City lose its shape if I put in my laptop? I don't think I'll be putting any heavy textbooks inside my bag, though.

    Also, is there a longer strap for the City? I know that you can use it as a shoulder bag but is the strap long enough for me to use the City as a crossbody bag?

    Thank you in advance! :biggrin:
  2. IMHO wrong bag for that use...maybe a Velo? Anyone else want to comment? Velo is deeper and cross body, the City is just too small and shallow for a school bag, it's a true satchel.
  3. Thanks for the quick response! I'll take a look into Velo. I'm currently open to options :biggrin: I still can't decide whether I should go for Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, or Givenchy :hrmm:.
  4. All great choices but I'm a Bal fan all the way. Hopefully someone else will post as well, I'm waaay past carrying school stuff but there are Bal options that may work for you. Take a look in the reference library under some of the styles, it may help.
  5. I only used my bal city for school when I had to carry an iPad and notebook. I wouldn't put a laptop in there, the material is too thin for that IMO
  6. I had a bal, proenza and givenchy when I was in college. I wouldn't put my laptop in any of those bags since I'd my laptop and put just my notebooks in the bag. :smile:

    The proenza PS1 looks great as a school bag! Which givenchy are you considering?
  7. Maybe longchamp is good choice. :smile: very light and you can abuse without feeling guilty:P
  8. Oh maybe the City is not right for me then...I want to put my laptop inside :Push:
  9. I'm currently also considering large proenza ps1 and probably a large or medium givenchy pandora. I'm not sure about the givenchy though. I have a mini pandora and I really like it so I guess I'll probably go with another pandora :P.
  10. True! I was thinking about longchamp since my friends raved about it but it sucks that the nylon le pliage doesn't have a strap (does it have a strap?? :oh:)
  11. I was going to suggest Longchamp as well. Frankly, I wouldn't use a high-end designer bag as a school bag, but that's just me. I'd get the City as a handbag, and get the Longchamp for lugging books and your laptop. If the satchel with cross-body strap is more appealing to you than a tote, take a look at Longchamp's Neo line.
  12. What about the Town? That is the Balenciaga I'm currently considering because it can be worn cross body. I have a medium Pandora and absolutely love it but it would not be a good bag to carry a laptop in because of the shape. If you want a Givenchy for a school bag I would look at the Nightingale. As far as the ps1, I have a medium and it's not my favorite bag. I find it hard to get in and out of and I don't think the quality is as good as Givenchy or Bal. Also with the Ps1 I have heard of people having serious issues with the hardware so I would be scared to load it daily with a heavy laptop. Hope I could be of some help :smile:
  13. Thanks for the suggestion! :biggrin:
  14. Yes, you're a great help! :biggrin: I was just thinking of buying a pre-owned medium Givenchy pandora on Fashionphile but I checked the dimensions of the bag and I don't think I can fit my 13" Macbook Air in it. And you're right, I don't think the Pandora shape is suitable for carrying school stuffs. I've never heard of hardware issues of the PS1 but I'll take that into a consideration. The PS1 costs, unfortunately, around $2150 so I think it's too expensive to use as a school bag. I'll look into the Nightingale then. Maybe a pre-owned one. Thanks a lot!
  15. There is a longchamp that has a strap. Neo and cuir.
    But if you really want to Balenciaga bag as your school bag. Maybe velo suits on you.

    + 1 for @catsinthebag :smile: