Balenciaga Box Denim

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  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum but I'm fascinating by all the knowledge I learn from here. :P I recently bought a Balenciaga Box blue denim and I haven't used it yet. Just wondering whether I should exchange it to something leather. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  2. I, personally, prefer all leather Balenciagas. However, if you love your denim bag you should keep it. Whatever you decide to do, you can't go wrong with a Balenciaga!
  3. ^ Agreed! I love the all leather bags, but it is a matter of personal preference.
  4. totally agree with what kat and socal have said :smile:
  5. if you love the denim keep it. my personal experience is i once bought a denim dior and used it twice. leather goes on forever and ages better.
  6. Thanks girls! I think I'lll go back to see if there are any leather bags. I'll keep you posted. By the way, what do you think it's the IT bag for this year? :idea:
  7. I think issamom has one that she really likes...hopefully she'll see this and reply.