Bal Milan won't ship overseas anymore?

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  1. I read on this forum that Bal Milan ships overseas so I emailed Carmen to ask if they have any bags with RGGH. She replied to say that current season bags are not for mail orders. Then I ask if she has any past season bags available, but she hasn't replied despite my sending two emails in this.

    Has anyone encountered the same issue before? Just wondering if there has been a change in their policy of accepting overseas orders. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes :yes:

    A lot of people have posted about this. They will not ship current season bags, they want them there for people that walk in.
  3. oh I see - guess I didn't do enuf research on this. Thank you NYCavalier!:smile:
  4. yes it is true :true::sad: and they also don't ship within italy anymore :wtf:!!

    the last news is that you can buy 2 bags per season ,no more than 2 !
    omg :rtr::pout:
    i am speachless:btdh::death:
  5. Unbelievable policy! On the other hand, it is good since it stopped me spending too much on them. LOL
  6. Chloeglamour, oh dear! I kinda understand if they won't ship new season bags internationally, but even within Italy?? that just doesn't make sense...

    HandbagAngel, I know this limitation should help curb my addiction but it doesn't! In fact I obsess even more abt how I can get my hands on my HGs!

    Anyway, Bal London has the same policy as well (I called) but all the stores are willing to ship past season bags internationally. I guess that's good news if I'm looking for a past season bag.
  7. yes, kooshy,handbagangel it is just a stupid policy ,i live near Milan so i can go there quite often ,i also barely buy more than 2 bags per season(i usually prefer buying from HGBAGS or realdeal) ...but the problem is that they should have an online EUROPEAN store like vuitton ,dior or other brands
  8. That boutique is getting more and more ridiculous with their selling policies!
  9. After reading all the comments on European Bal boutiques, I gave up ordering from them even though I know it would be significantly cheaper and since I reside in HK there is zero customs. I ended up ordering from the US. Their customer service is superb - I don't mind paying more.

    Seriously, why would I want to go through such headache?! I'm the customer, right??
  10. Redturtle, I know what you mean. I'm abt to give up ordering from Bal Milan - somehow I'm just not getting full responses to my most basic queries and even tho I'm ready to order, they're not coming back to me with the order form promptly. I'm a bit surprised at their service level which I put it down to maybe their suspicion of me being a first time customer. But it makes me wonder - if they are so unresponsive when ordering, what happens if I have a problem with the order later?

    It's just that I've had excellent service from Bottega Veneta stores in Europe, so I'm not used to Bal Milan's rather curt responses.

    I found Julian from Bal London quite helpful but unfortunately I prefer the colours they had in Bal Milan...
  11. Which colors/style in RGGH are you looking for? Maybe the ladies here are able to help.

    Last week I wrote to an SA from Bal Las Vegas at the CityCenter about their stock in gold hardware, and they promptly sent me pictures of ALL colors/styles they had (and went on to talking about how beautiful the Sang color is! XD). I'm not even their loyal customer (yet?!). I have just bought a bracelet from that store. May you can try writing to them?

    Incidentally I also had pleasant service from Europe BV before, in particular the store in London Bond Street. :smile:
  12. double post
  13. Redturtle, can u pm me the SA and email addy of the Bal Las Vegas Store? I'm looking for gold hardware bags and a giant compagnon wallet. :smile:

    Yes, the London Bond Street BV store is lovely!!