Bal Harbour or Palm Beach Boutique?

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  1. I have one last BV purchase to make this year, and I want to scope out styles and colors for next year. I am planning a trip and it involves visiting one of these two stores. Does anyone have any thoughts on the two boutiques? Is one larger? Which one has the best selection of interesting styles and colors? Does anyone have a favorite SA?
  2. I have never shopped or dealt directly with either store, but when I bought my campana through Ana, it was shipped to me from Bal Harbour. It came in less than ideal packaging for shipping and they charged me for the wrong bag. But hey, they had one of the last limo campanas and were willing to ship it to me, so it's all good!

    So, whatcha thinking of getting, Samantha?:graucho:
  3. ^Yes! Caroline (or goes by Carolina) She's at Bel Harbour BV and has been with the company for years. Extremely knowledgeable and wounderful. If you want something that's not there, she'll make it happen, too.
  4. Thanks for the fead back ouija board and Marly. That is where I will probably go. Bal Harbour Shops is a fun place to shop to start with. Too bad I was not into BV when I lived close. Marly I will make sure to ask for Carolina.

    ouija board, I really want to check out the Corallo Intreccio Milano Ostrich bag, the embossed Royal Maxi Veneta and the Cabat.
  5. SC, impeccable choices, as usual! Have fun!
  6. One of my favorite SAs Jenna Pearson, store manager, left Atlantic City recently to return to Palm Beach (she was originally from that store). She is super sweet. I believe she is currently on vacation but if you happen to stop by Palm Beach, be sure to ask for her and let her know Jessica says hi. :tup:

  7. Samantha, that's an AWESOME bag :tup::drool: I hope you get it! :graucho:
  8. Ostrich, I love ostrich! :angel:
  9. Mystiletto, thank you for the recommendation. Is she going to continue to be store manager at the Palm Beach store?

    24,F,uclaboi and ms piggy this is one reason I love this forum! I love the enabling!
  10. SC, I would do the BH boutique. The SA's are wonderful and plenty of merchandise. As already stated, if it is not there they will find it for you.

    Also, this is supposedly a favored boutique of Thomas Maier. I was told he lives nearby and stops in often. He likes to remain close to this boutique and see that it is stocked nicely. The SA's can't say enough about him and it can't hurt much to have him nearby!

    Good Luck.
  11. ^Oh my Gosh, imagine running into Tomas Maier at the BV boutique, I`d be in heaven!
  12. Well, that is a reason to visit the Bal Harbour boutique! Thanks Kellybag.

    C_24, I know! That would make my trip!
  13. I believe so. Let us know what you find. Corallo Intreccio Milano Ostrich bag is TDF :drool:
  14. Ok, Samantha's we're living vicariously through you. Pls report back. :nuts: