Bal face-off: which gets your vote?

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  1. Hi all - I know I'm spoiling a bit of reveal fun, but I couldn't decide between these beauties in the store and am still having trouble choosing...

    In the red corner: Pourpre GSH PT
    In the purple corner: Murier RGGH PT


    They are both stunners - which gets your vote? My wardrobe is quite muted, which I see in a couple of ways - either the Pourpre is going to be perfect to make a statement, and the berry-ness of the red is delicious; or the Murier is going to be easy-going and blend in to anything, and therefore more versatile.


    I have included a few clothes with the bags laid on top of them - I wear a lot of grey and black, and denim on weekends, usually a small bit of colour if I can in a cardigan or knit, but nothing too pop (pastels, camel, khaki, more grey!!). I've also recently bought a navy jacket that I added to the mix, but I wear my black trench and grey wool coat equally much:


    Thanks in advance for your help :hugs: All opinions welcome!!

    PS Pourpre owners - if you have any issues with colour transfer then pls flag these as I don't want to baby my new baby (whichever she may be!) too much :smile:

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  2. For the wardrobe/ clothes on the pic, the pourpre seems to work better as " pop of color"

    But , i have this exact murier and using it right now and loving it...

    So, maybe both??? as they really will go with different set/ hues of your clothing!!!

    What other bal colors do you currently have? is this your first red and purple?
  3. Hi amacasa! I am generally hopeless at incorporating colour into my handbag wardrobe, so yes - these would be my first red and first purple :shame: Currently my spectrum of colours is gunmetal, stone, tan and black (not all Bals, but all my bags fall within those shades!!).
  4. Some mod pics with a couple of outfits:


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  5. Some more - you can tell I'm agonising!!


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  6. I own this exact Murier RGGH PT but my vote would be the red. The red has a really nice contrast to your outfits without being too loud.

    Although I also realize Murier RGGH might be hard to come by in the future...? While there will always be some shades of red almost every year...?

    Anyway I think both choices are great!!
  7. I prefer the Pourpre. It adds a pop to a neutral wardrobe, the murier blends in more. Pourpre is colorful, yet not too over the top either.
  8. Personally, I prefer purple over red. But with your pics and wardrobe colors, the pourpre gets my vote.
  9. Pourpre:yes:
  10. Pourpre.....Although both are great.
  11. I totally understand why you are having such a hard time deciding which one to keep as they are both stunning! Pourpre is such a pretty berry red but murier has the TDF rose gold hardware. Can you keep both? :P If that is not an option, I think the pourpre should stay for that pop of colour!
  12. i am voting for pourpre cos it stands out more :smile:
  13. pourpre! it looks so elegant and classy with your wardrobe :smile:
  14. I like the Pourpre on you. For some reason, the Murier, tho it is indeed a muted purple, it doesn't look completely right to me? I love the Poupre on you; just adore it.
  15. Pourpre all the way. I am a big fan of Murier RGGH, but the Pourpre pops more against your wardrobe than the Murier. If you wore lighter colors I would vote for Murier!