Bal Clutch? Anyone have pics with theirs??

  1. Hey all,

    Wondering if you guys with Bal clutches would mind posting some pics of you wearing them...

    I'd love to see different colors in this size actually being warn...I love this size, but want to get a better perspective of how the various colors look being used....

    TIA!!! ;)
  2. Here you go larnette! I have the Makeup clutch.
  3. [​IMG]Ink Oval Clutch
    I will post a pic of me wearing it!
  4. spiral you look gorgeous with your vert gazon make-up!
  5. charlize theron with her white clutch :

    hillary duff with black clutch :

    kelly ripa with her make-up clutch :

    vanessa carlton with an oval clutch :
  6. with my satin clutch on the shoulder :
  7. Spiralsnow: Your green makeup is gorgeous:love:

    Seahorseinstripes: What a gorgeous Satin clutch. It's so much bigger than I expected. Love it.
  8. spiral :drool: gorgeous colour!!
  9. Thank you so much guys! :shame: :p I really like it, and it's a whole lotbigger than I expected. Now for a toilet.
  10. Oooh I knew I shouldn't have looked at this thread! Nice VG Clutch spiral!
  11. This pics are so informative! Thanks ladies!
  12. gorgeous clutchs spiral and sea :love: :love:
  13. Spiral~ I love your clutch sooo much!!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:

    Sea~ you know I love yours so much too!!!:love: :love: :love:
  14. Love all your clutches!! I espcially love the 04 clutches. I wish they come out with something similar.
  15. My Eggplant flat clutch :heart:
    Balenciaga Eggplant clutch.jpg