Bai Ling heads to the Putnam Equity Headquarter 2008-01-08

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  3. Classless as always.
  4. I do not like her.... yuck!
  5. Ha ha... priceless!
  6. eeek is that a yucky bruise on her leg :nuts:
  7. Crazy, skanky, attention-mongering girl.
  8. Why is this woman famous? She's been in one movie with Richard Gere and then nothing else of any value whatsoever. It's like taking the local baglady and plastering her in tabloids every week. She needs to go away.
  9. She's weird... what is she famous for anyway... :hrmm:
  10. H.a.m
  11. Why do photographers even bother with taking her picture? Isn't there someone more famous to follow?

    The only thing I know her for is The Crow.
  12. shes such a nut.i'll never forget her on so you think you can sing, singing "like a virgin"..that was hilarious!
  13. She's all over gofugyourself. I'm still not sure why she's even a celebrity, I guess dressing all crazy is one way to keep your name out there, but why she wants to be known for that I'll never understand.