bahn mi YUM! What did you have for lunch?

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  1. I had a curry veggie chicken bahn mi (vietnamese sandwich) and fresh basil seed drink from this awesome place Saigon on Broome Street!

    Anyone else have a bahn mi obsession? I took the train down to chinatown from midtown today just to get one!

    for those who dont know, its basically the original "fusion" food.. traditional vietnamese meats or veggie-meats on a crispy french baguette with fresh cilantro, pickled veggies and fresh chili peppers. Best thing ever!
    Basil seed drink is like natures bubble tea except the seeds totally look like frogs eggs! Sounds weird but its sweet and sooo yummy!
    Im happy and FULL!

    What did you have for lunch?:supacool:
  2. I very much like banh mi, but it's kind of expensive here, usually around $4 or $5 per sandwhich. I love basil seed drink too! But I haven't had it in a very long time.

    I had a really dry, unappetizing sanwhich for lunch.
  3. Nothing that sounds nearly as good as yours...

    A frozen Weight Watchers meal and fruit later in the day for a snack.
  4. I had an Uncrustable and a diet Coke :lol:
  5. Hysterical^^ I am your food twin!
    My fiance makes fun of me all the time for eating Uncrustables because he is like, can't we just buy bread and make PB and J sandwiches ourselves?
    I always say, no, this is sooooo easy.

    I am fascinated by the bahn mi sandwich! I wonder if one can make this themselves...
  6. ^ Uncrustables are magically delicious. There is no acceptable substitute. :blah:

    Btw, bahn mi does sound really good!
  7. ^what are Uncrustables?? lol this sounds awful but the first thing I thought of was it was a name for a kind of underwear. Ew right!? lol..

    Bahn Mi in NY is usually about $4.50.. The one I got was $5 as I got "meatless" meat lol..
    I think thats pretty cheap actually! I try to keep lunch under $6/day but its really hard to do especially in Midtown. My roomate and I were just lamenting that its kindof impossible to get a meal nowadays for less than that. Even if you buy groceries.. I made a big pot of chicken soup last weekend and after buying all the ingredients it came out to $16!! It would have been cheaper to go tot he deli and get 5 $3/cups!

    I cant imagine feeding a family.. Im single so I indulge in shopping at whole foods and the health food stores pretty often.. but even shopping at C-town in bed stuy breaks the bank these days. I fear i will soon be back to the college diet of top ramen and goya beans..
  8. heres a link to make it yourself.. you may need access to an asian foods market for some of the ingredients but I think you could interpret it using chinese roast pork.. as long as you have the fresh cilantro or basil.. the baguette is a normal french crusty variety you can get at any ueropean type bakery or the supermarket..
    Its a really intersting recipe since its kindof a product of the French colonization of Vietnam..
  9. I :heart: bahn mi!

    It's cheap, tasty and relatively healthy. In BC, the price ranges between $2 - $2.75. I usually get the "house special" with the various pork slices. It's the pate that they spread on the baguette that makes it for me. :love:

    I don't know how Subway stays in business. (I guess because porky head cheese goodness doesn't appeal to everyone...:shrugs:)
  10. lol... i never knew that's what they were called. my mom used to buy me bahn mi sandwiches all the time when i was a kid. :smile: they are yummy... i haven't had 'em in so long.
  11. I loooove banh mi!!! Not from chain's like Lee's sandwiches either, I like the mom & pop stores!
  12. Wowsers that is cheap! I like Saigon cuz they seem to use higher quality meat..y'know sometimes you have to wonder about the origin of the animals one may chew on--:wtf: especially in Chinatown..
    Also they make several vegetarian versions including "fake meat" which is actually quite "fleshlike" mmmm...

    When my palate is feeling more domestic I check out the Meatball Marinara from Subway--$5 FOOTLONG! Nothing like a soggy meatball to slug my way through a tough day at the office. Its also an excuse to clean my desk after since I always manage to get marinara all over the place including my computer screen and myself.
    What Would Jared Do?
  13. It's like $2 or 3 bucks for a banh mi here in OC's little saigon. I like banh mi but since I grew up on Vietnamese food, it's not my preferred choice.. I rarely eat Vietnamese food unless everyone else wants to eat it.
  14. Thanks for the link. I think I will try this some night for dinner!
  15. Um it's peanut butter & jelly :wtf: lol