Bags you bot happily but don't love anymore

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  1. I have several bags I bought with great eagerness and delight. They barely ever get used now and I am pretty much over them - Mine include a Mulberry and 2 LV's - We all know when we sell, we lose money and feel even dumber. Anyone else ever feel this way????
  2. i just lost $300 on a $1100 bag i bought 2 months ago on impulse, but i really needed the money more than the bag which i fell out of love with. i just consider it a $300 lesson learned and called it a day now that all my holiday shopping is over and paid off :yes:
  3. consider the lost money a rental fee for using the bag a while before you return it..;)

  4. Oh my yes, I bought two Pradas two years ago. I paid 1000 dollars for the two combined (my first designer purchase). Both brown, both small and both quite adorable still! But they don't speak to me anymore. I'd love to sell them on e-bay and use the money for a new "hunt".

    I have a girlfriend who said she would buy one of my Prada's if I ever wanted to sell.....I emailed her today and said if the offer still stands? So we'll see?

    I'm selling it a third of what I paid. Hopefully she'll bite?
  5. Oh yes, it happens. I love them and leave them too. Life goes on and so does the hunting! Good thing I'm not married to my handbags!
  6. I regret buying the Dior Girly and my Cambon Pochette...I hardly use them, but I wouldn't think of ever selling them! Does that even make sense? haha
  7. yes! my monogram LV's. they're just sitting on my closet for months...
  8. I regret my black Marc Jacobs Ursula Elise. :crybaby:
  9. For me, it's been a parting of the ways with a lot of old Mulberrys that I bought when I first became financially secure enough to invest in designer bags. They are a mixture of the congo leather and scotchgrain and I adored them so much . . .but their time has definitely passed for me. The good news is that via ebay there appears to be a world of people who yearn for old Mulberry bags.

    I also bought a Bulga Bucket Small Butterfly Tote in 'foam' on impulse and it was a misguided impulse - gorgeous leather, beautiful colour, exquisite craftsmanship but just. not. my. style. . . .Ebay here we come!
  10. yes! I got into that Chloe hype a few years ago (with the silverado and paddington coming out the first year) and I bought my silverado because of that hype... It's a nice bag, but not really 'me', and I can't put it on ebay, because I'm too lazy:rolleyes: :s
  11. If you have anything gently or barely used, I might be interested! The rest of my bags are new, but I once bought a black leather Prada that was "occasional use only" for only $80. I carry it often! So, it seems I have no problem with well cared for vintage.

    Pics and prices might be worth your time!:graucho:

    -Forum Newbie
  12. ^^Buying and selling is not allow nor tolerated on this forum.

    I have my first chanel that I bought on a whim because it was chanel and the price was in my limit. I have yet to use it/return it.
  13. YES! My vintage LVs, which I got rid of, thankfully. Too much mono...and I'm beginning to feel that way right now (even though I only have 4 bags and a couple accessories...).