Bags with your name?

  1. What does everyone think about all the bags with names associated with them?


    Rafe has a bag by my name right now but I'm not sure I like the style. I've always wanted to buy a bag with my name on it, alas!

    Would you buy a bag named the same first name as you?
  2. Only if I loved the bag!
  3. If I liked the bag, I would.
  4. me to!
  5. but what happens when you love a bag, but it's named after someone you don't like??

  6. OMG! now that is hard... LOL
    but luckily all i knew of are bags with name of people i like with the design i like, MJ stam from jessica stam.

    and bag i don't like named with people i don't like, sienna (kooba)
  7. haha...that's one of the reasons why I love Kate Spade! My first name and my initials! :cutesy:
  8. that's how i got my first "real" purse. kate spade has cla(i)re. even if it is spelled wrong i still wanted it and my dad foolishly bought it for me and the monster was born.
  9. Would have to love the bag!
  10. I really wanted a Juicy wallet for a bit. I saw it online at Nordstrom and thought it looked cute with the J in the heart. But then I realized that it said Juicy on the other side...

    I may avoid buying a bag if the name is associated with some one I really really don't like, but at the moment I can't think of anyone I can't stand, so....
  11. I would, but only if I liked the bag itself.
  12. I'd buy it if I liked it!! and if it was in my price range!
  13. Isabella Fiore has made a Lexi Bag (minus the E). Sadly I wish I liked it better. It's not one of my favorite IF bags for sure :sad:

  14. My future daughter's middle name will be Lenore... I thought about getting her a LV Lenore as they will probably be impossible to find when she's old enough to use it.
  15. Like most members above, I would only buy if I liked it and not just because it shares my name. That said, I think it's cool when a bag I really like has my name. Especially because many people (mistakenly) think that my name is a boy's name because it's currently more prevalent on little boys than little girls, yet it's historically for both boys and girls (usually with a different spelling for each gender, but the distinction has become blurred it seems). The fact that most bags have feminine names, and that there seems to be quite a few bags with my name now leads me to hope that more people will realize that my name is for girls too, and always has been (maybe that way I'll stop getting the uninformed "isn't that a boy's name?" response :rolleyes:).

    I like Botkier's new "Devon" clutch a lot, but I'm not much of a clutch person. I also like Kooba's "Devin" bag, and although it's not my spelling, it's pronounced the same so I figure that counts. But I don't think I like the latter enough to purchase it...oh well.