bags with leather lining

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  1. Hi all,

    I am interested in bags that have leather lining. I am wondering if anybody knows what designers use leather to line their bags. If anbody can share their experiences that would be great.

  2. Do you mean only leather or leather as in leather and suede?

    I hardly consider a bag at full retail that is not lined in suede or leather unless it's a Summer bag. Not only does it add to the luxury feel of the bag but it lengthens the life of the outer 'shell' which is very important with delicate leathers and exotic skins.

    The only downside for some people is the extra weight (although one of my BVs id feather light)

    Many of the Gucci bags are lined in suede this season (too many to name). It will tell you which ones on

    Bottega Veneta's womens bags are nearly all lined in suede.

    Some of the other makes that often use suede or leather:

    Tanner Krolle

    The Chloe Aurore

    Hermes higher-end bags are lined in leather
  3. some Marc Jacobs are in leather. and his older bags are lined in suede
  4. Yup, Like my Blake-y :love:
  5. ^my Blake too! :heart: hehe
  6. I have a black Gucci tote that is lined in leather. It's a little heavy so I don't carry it often, but I love it!
  7. I've had some with suede lining, but I find them too heavy.
  8. A lot of my older Marc Jacobs bags are lined in leather, like the Hudson and Alfred.
  9. Hermes bags and my Chanel reissue camera bag is lined in leather. I actually prefer a bag lined in leather.

    It could be just me but I think when they are lined in leather they are heavier. With the exception of my Chanel reissue, but that is just the perfect bag... it can do no wrong! :P
  10. I was thinking more leather than suede. I have a some older MJ's lined in suede. And I liked it okay, but I prefer leather. I have one bag lined in leather and I just love the luxe feel of it, but was wondering who would have it. Plus suede gets dirty easier.

    I'v seen a few prada (higher end) as well as higher end hermes as well as some (higher end) chanel. Hmmm notice a trend, but I'm wondering what other bags do leather lining on consistent basis
  11. OMG - I forgot Chanel - lots of Chanel are lined in leather

    I think they are heavier but with minimum hardwear they are not so bad. IMO suede and leather lined bags are 'worth their weight in gold' (and that's usually the mark-up :nuts:).

    Bracher Emden also used to be lined in leather if you are looking pre-loved.