BAGS weekly on UGLY BETTY show? LV AND ??

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  1. SAW THE POLLY LEOPARD bag a few weeks ago and then when vanessa williams left her purse in the taxi it was gold weave anyone know what it was also others every week it is great!
    this show has a parade of bags!
  2. that show is ridiculous
    it is a copy from a colombian soup opera
  3. so funny SOUP opera! lol
  4. LOVE the show! No need to trash it if you don't like it.

    Love my "soup" opera!
  5. I love the show too! :yahoo:
  6. me too... Betty is so cute in real life!
  7. I LOVE THE SHOW TOO, but i always miss it! :sad:

    The girl that plays Betty is a really good actress, I saw her in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and she made me cry in one of her scenes..heh
  8. The concept of the show is the same, it's not as if the producers deny copying it ;) though the bags are fake, I love the show! It's so entertaining.
  9. i like the show "SOUP OPERA" hahaha
  10. I love the show.
  11. love it, love the actors... hey, when you're a mom of three under the age of 4, you appreciate the precious little time you have to yourself, and i MAKE the time for ugly betty b/c it's a great show.

    but YES, i did see the LV on vanessa williams and wondered if it was real.

    also if you miss the show, go to and see it online. it's a great option!
  12. I LIKE the is cute and funny! Plenty of shows are copies of shows from other countries, that doesn't make them bad.
  13. I love this show too!
  14. This show was done all over Mexico and Latin America before it came here so we weren't the only "copiers", it's a good need to dis...and spell soap wrong :roflmfao: Also, even tho the bags are fake, the show is fab! Also the Colombian one came on before the devil wears prada book ever came out...coincidence or not? you decide who's the "copier!"
  15. I enjoy watching this show. :yes: