Bags or SLG's - what excites you more?

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  1. I've purchased four bags in the last year that I really love to bits. As such I don't really want to buy any more because I'm enjoying these so much.

    Instead I've turned to buying SLG's and I find it's a great way to stop the boredom of not wanting to change bag. I happily stick with one bag for months at a time now and swap just the SLG's.

    Which do you prefer more?
  2. BAGS...definitely. even with my clutches, they excite me to a point, but I love love LOVE my full on bags!
  3. I rotate a modest collection of bags. And I love them to bits. But in between my next big purchases, I get to play in stores with SLGs. So for a quick fix like a junkie, I'll buy SLGs and prettify the inside of my bags with them. :smile: most recent so far is replacing a notebook with an LV Agenda. I think next in line somewhere is a cosmetic pouch or something. :smile:
  4. I love SLG!
    I feel like I have the bags I want and need (if not counting a few daydreams but am content for now) so SLG is a great way of renewing things whenever I need a little pick-me-up. My wallets used to be a bit on the sad side, so lately I've acquired a few nice wallets from Longchamp, Chloe and Diane von Furstenberg. Also, some clutches and pouches have found their way into my bag closet.
    I think smaller items are a great way of having a piece of high end luxury in your possession even when you don't have the money or the need for a bigger piece like a bag.
    F.e. I can totally see myself buying a preloved Chanel quilted large wallet at some point. I don't think I could ever buy a bag from them, much less want to, but a wallet or coin pouch - most likely I will have one some day. :smile:
  5. BAGS!!! 😍 I love bags!!!! 💥🎉💥

    SLG's are a necessary evil. LOL! I've learned VERY recently to appreciate nice SLG's but I see no reason for ME to buy more than necessary. 3 or 4 nice SLG's can add up to a nice handbag. No way that I want to nickel and dime myself out of what could be a great handbag...or clothes... or jewelry... or... 😄 Plus I happily change my bags almost every day to coordinate with my outfit. My wallet doesn't need to coordinate with anything. So my motivation to change it is low.

    I just bought two wallets to replace an old yucky one and am looking for a card case for my smaller bags. I also just purchased a nice makeup bag. After that I want one key pouch, one pen holder and one misc. pouch and I'll be done. I don't want multiples of any of these. So, I'm making sure I get great ones that I'll love (classic, beautiful ones from premier designers) so I don't have to think about them for years - maybe a decade or more.
  6. I love bags more than SLGs, I think slgs sometimes add up to a bag, and I really rather get the bag, so though slgs are necessary I don't stockpile them. If I run out of storage space and yet need to buy something I get a smaller bag or clutch. Wallets on chain are good too!
  7. I'm like others here. Once one has a good collection of bags it's nice to have some worthy SLGs. If others get attached to things the way I do it makes sense, I have many bags but my less-extensive current crop of lovely SLGs will transfer into each one, so in one sense it's also cost effective.

    As for SLG prices; a lot of labour and time can go into making an SLG and that pushes up the retail. I also think companies take advantage of the fact people may give SLGs as gifts whereas they wouldn't dream of giving a bag because it seems more personal :sneaky: .
  8. Bags. I've tried to like high-end SLGs, but they don't stick with me and I often sell them within a few months or years. The only SLG that has stuck with me through and through is my Louis Vuitton Zippy wallet and I would be happy to repurchase it. Other than that, I'd rather use cheapo makeup cases, no-name agendas, and lower-end card holders. I know that is really weird since everyone loves SLGs but they don't get enough love from me.
  9. Bags for me definitely, I think it's because of "out of sight, out of mind"-ness of carry your wallets IN the bag most of the time, and when you go out you only take out a wallet to get something.
  10. I have to ask, what is an SLG?
  11. SLG's stands for: Small Leather Goods.

    And to answer the question, it really depends. I know for premier designers I tend to be more excited for their SLGs because their bags can get pretty expensive. So I tend to buy something from their SLG collection just so I can have a small piece of [insert premier designer's name here] without breaking my bank. But for contemporary brands, I go for their bags instead. I know I rather put some extra money and buy a Coach bag than their overpriced $200-$300 wallets.
  12. Definitely SLG. Why? I have no idea, because I don't regularly rotate either...
  13. I say both BAGS and Small Leather Goods LOL :biggrin::biggrin:
  14. I agree!
  15. Both. There aren't too many more bags that I need to have so lately items like SLGs are very exciting to me.
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