Bags have mark inside pocket to prevent returns?

  1. I see this in listings often - what does this mean? I saw a picture with what looked like two small holes in the pocket? Who does this - a store, or a manufacturer? Does it mean final sale (like sample sale), or seconds?

    Anyone know? I'm looking at some auctions on eBay and I believe they are real bags, but not sure what this marking means...thanks!
  2. It means they were bought on final clearance sale at an outlet. Usually a Saks Off 5th or a Neiman Marcus Last Call. The store does it before they sell the item.
  3. Nordstrom Rack has started marking the inside of the pocket with I think a slash mark in ink.
  4. Also, if you go to the sample sale, sometimes they mark it a "D" inside the bag for discount or something so you can not return it... Happened to me with Botkier..
  5. Thanks. Well, at least it would appear that they are authentic, right? Who would do that to a fake, lol...well, you never know!
  6. ^ Actually scammers have started adding that to their bags so that people believe it is authentic. That is why you should always have a bag authenticated here before bidding. :yes: