Bags for People on Crutches

  1. Goodmoring! I am having knee surgery and will be on crutches for a month. Can anyone recommend a good handbag style to wear that will leave me hands free? I'd like something with enough room for glasses, cell phone, key, wallet, pill box etc. Thanks!
  2. May I know your budget, and also what material you are looking for - ie leather or non-leather. Good luck for your surgery!
  3. Budget is around $100 and I would like leather but will go for any material as long as the function is right. Thanks for the good wishes!
  4. I would definately recommend a messenger type bag. My Mom had her knee replaced and had to change her handbag to a messenger style. While she used crutches or a walker a regular bag kept coming off her shoulder. A across body style is a must for comfort and safety. Coach has various Messenger bags that would be big enough for what you want to carry.
    Across Body
  5. What do you think of this Tano Fandango messenger? It's on sale for $132. Since it's a sale item, I don't know if the code "grechen" (off grechenscloset) will entitle you to a 20% discount.

    Luna Boston | Fandango Messenger Bag Details

    Please note that it is NOT returnable.
  6. I was on crutches for 6 weeks in April and May and I ended up with a Dooney leather backpack. Most purses or messengers just kept banging in to my crutches and made it even harder to walk.
    The only good thing about that experience is I spent time online and found the Purse Forum. I hope everything goes well for you.
  7. Oooh good luck with that! I broke my ankle after falling off my horse, and quickly bought a Prada nylon messenger...worked out perfect - got it off e-bay! And sold it when I was better lol!
  8. Hi, saw your post and hope everything goes well.

    Want to be upfront. I do sell handbags but not what you are looking for.

    Back in May I went to the Apparell Market in Atlanta and ran across a booth selling handbags catering to this type of dilema. Again I do not carry this line but you can find it here.

    Welcome To LaNeige Purse

    These are not high quality purses found in Prada, Dooney and Burke or Carbotti but, would get you through.

    They seemed to skimp on zippers for some reason.....

    I did get and keep a contact name and price list from them if you want further info. The prices range from $54 to $246.
  9. In 1991 I spent 6 months on crutches after having my ankle reset and I swore by waist bags (fannypacks). I had a cross-body bag but to be the most comfortable you dont want to have to deal with that. Maxx NY has a couple that are cute leather and non-leather I am going to plug QVC here because they also carry the Travelon line which also offers some hands-free options. Good luck with your surgery I wish you a painfree and speedy recovery:flowers:
  10. when I was on crutches for two months, purse wise a Coach slingpack would be ideal and for books a back pack was the easiest because the bag doens't get in the way,
  11. How about a waistpack by C L Whiting - leather with leaf design?

    C.L. Whiting Collection -- handcrafted leather handbags

    Leaf design pocket, zipper closure. The shoulder strap makes into a fanny pack.
    Background Leather Color: Black.
    Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches
    Style: 518
    $ 92

    SLim NYC offers this tapestry waistpack (convertible to a shoulder bag or a wrist clutch) for sale at $45

    SLim NYC
    CL Whiting 3 in 1.jpg
  12. ^^DAMMIT WOMAN! passerby your going to bankrupt me with all those leather accessories.. i do need something for when i walk my dog around..


    there is this french designer who makes these side packs that are like three nylon zip ups attached in decending order and its removable? anyone know who im talking about?

    do you have a bloomies near you? i remember they always have this red nylon side pack thats really study yet compact.
  13. LOL at aarti. I'm now focussing on etsy shops - no leather, much cheaper :yes:

    You're referring to Karine Dupont - good call.