Bags for men?

  1. does Bottega Veneta have bags for me? i am looking for a messneger size bag or bigger..:tup::yes:
  2. Yes they do! check out their website.... nice woven bags....
  3. absolutely, great messenger bags and also lots of totes that would work great for a guy.
  4. I got a tote that I´m in love with (pics in the "Action" thread) and there are several good options for messenger bags around! Plus, the Cabat, their Icon tote is a good unisex bag, I`d say.
  5. I have two messenger bags... I am in love with them..! They do have quite a few styles for guys.
  6. Oh pradafanatic, you so need to go check their online catalogue (here and here)!! Or better yet, simply visit your nearby boutique!! There are so many great bags for men indeed.