Bags available in Orlando

  1. Hi, I'm going to go on vacation next week to Orlando and was wondering if anyone knows what bags are available there. I would like to get my third Chanel there and was thinking about a reissue (metallic/light shade), baby coco cabas or ultimate soft (small/medium).

    Any other bag info would be much appreciated. :yes:
  2. Go to the mall at Millenia versus the Chanel in Saks in the Florida mall. I was at the Millenia a month or so ago and they have a lot of bags, jewelry, shoes, and even clothes...oh and sunglasses and wallets. Awesome store!
  3. I was at Millenia 2 days ago...I only walked by didn't go in...but they seem to have a lot of stuff...there was NO ONE in the store besides the SAs and it was around 4pm on a Friday usually a very busy time at that particular mom...enjoy your time in orlando!
  4. Thanks jfhave and mzkyie for the info.

    Does anyone know if they have any reissues or coco cabas in Bronze in? Or even the ultimate soft in medium/small size?