bagpacker's babies

  1. Here are my handbags :heart::heart::heart:. As you can see they range from all sorts of designers and price ranges. Enjoy!
    backpacker's babies.JPG
  2. Great collection- love the lv epi!!
  3. wow great collection....
  4. the fendi red python clutch is beautiful!
  5. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. great collection.
  7. Really nice, diverse collection! Love the Bally!
  8. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Great collection! I love all the variety in it!
  10. nice!!
  11. Thanks guys!
  12. Very nice collection!!
  13. You've got a really unique collection there! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Oh cool! The DIor saddle waistbag is so unique! Thanks for sharing :smile: