1. WARNING!!!! :push:
    I just read the worst article online, I'm sorry, but I had to share..........
    A study was performed on women's purses which found one in four purses (tested at a local mall) showed the presence of E Coli. The Health Report also showed where women place their purses: public rest-rooms (on the floor beside the toilet), kitchen counters , kitchen tables, on tables & chairs in restaurants, et cetera. The horror: germs and food.

    I NEVER put my bags on the floor! Where do you place your bag in a public restroom? (I hang it on the coat hook) In a restaurant? (in an empty chair)

    Where do you place your bag when your shopping in a store that has carts, like a grocery store? And where do you keep the bag your using when your home?
  2. Oh, yes....this subject has gone around a few times on this forum...if you do a search, you'll find a lot of information on it. Mine's always on a hanger or a shelf at home....never on the kitchen counter.
  3. In a public restroom, mine always goes on the hook, it stays on the floor under my desk at work (this is new carpet), Kitchen table most of the time at home although kitchen counter occasionally and I put it on an empty chair at restaurants...unless there are no empty chairs. Sometimes I'll put it on the floor (if it's a bag I don't care much about getting a little dirty on the bottom) or it will stay in my lap.
  4. The desks in my office have a built-in drawer for your purse! How funny is that! I never put my purse on the floor in restrooms, I've even kept it on my arm if there is no hook, or at a push used the door lock/handle. I also don't put them in the shopping cart seats but that's either because my 3 year old is in it or I don't want it to get stolen!
  5. On the FLOOR beside the toilet??! BLARG. I don't even want to put my SHOES there, much less my purse!
  6. no floor in public...but I put it on the carpet in the bedroom.
  7. ME TOO! I couldn't believe that quote! YUK! (the women in the study must not be carrying nice bags!)
  8. i would NEVER put my handbag on a public restroom floor!! that is absolutely DISGUSTING. sometimes there isn't a purse hook in the stall so i will just keep it under my arm....i can't think of anything nastier than that....and in a restaurant i will put it on the floor if absolutely necessary, but that is worse case scenerio.
  9. exactly!

    I feel like getting the anti-bacterial wipes and wiping my bags down now .
  10. Ugh, gross!! I NEVER put my bags on the floor anywhere. In the restroom it goes on the hook, in a restaurant it goes in a chair or hanging on it, at home it is on the sofa if I am wearing it the next day, if not it is stuffed and back in its dust bag in the purse palace. :heart:(the closet I keep my bags in!)
  11. I do pretty much the same thing! And I agree with whoever said that I don't want to put my shoes near the public toilet, much less my purse!!!:push:
  12. I have to say that my bags are probably real health hazards then.

    In the restroom, mine always go between my feet on the floor (as people can reach over the top of the door and take bags on the hangers! and HAVE DONE! - if its between my feet nobody can get it from the restrooms on either side either).

    Also, at home my bag is on the floor mostly - however I would hope that my home is cleaner than your average restroom!!!!
  13. Don't laugh, but I have actually hung my purse around my neck while in a public restroom because there was no hook. Why would anyone in their right mind put their purse on the floor in a public bathroom? It's like sticking your child on the same floor. Makes no sense at all! Bleeeaaah!