bag received with scratches

  1. Hi Ladies,

    So I received my Anna Corinna City Tote bag today in steel, I love the colour and is very happy with the bag but there are about 3 scratches on it. The longest being about 3 inches long. Should I contact Revolve ? I know the leather is suppose to look worn out but I know for sure that these are scratches and are not made intentional. I don't want to wait for another one to arrive though, what should I do? Leave it as is?
  2. try your luck and email them with the photo of the scratches
  3. Definitely call them. I've had the best customer service from Revolve, so I think its worth your time to give them a call. They messed up an order once so they overnighted a new bag to me, along with a return box for the other. No problems, no hassle!

    Good luck!:tup:
  4. Exchange it. It's not worth paying full price for a bag with scratches.
  5. Yeah, I agree, I would definitely contact them. They have great customer service!
  6. Absolutly contact them! A new bag is a wonderful thing and a scratched bag is not.
  7. Also, it came without tags. I think it may have been a return from a customer.
  8. you should just leave it
    no one is going to notice the scratch
    and in fact you will want different bag in few yrs/months keke
  9. ok so i messaged them and they agreed to send me a new one but basically it will take around 3 weeks. They will ship it out once they receive my return. That really sucks because I don't want to wait that long.
  10. I would definately contact them. That's a defective bag.