Bag on Trunk Show Invitation *pic*

  1. Here's the bag that is pictured for the NM Spring 2007 Trunk Show in Chicago (Feb 15 & 16).

    I will also post in reference thread.

  2. ooh i really like that!! anyone know what its called or how much its going to be?
  3. this bag is gorgeous, too bad I think that's lambskin, and no lambskin for me! too delicate!
  4. I believe that's the Madison line, and that particular bag shown was listed for $1,850...not sure if the price has increased since the Jan. trunk show in SF NM.
  5. Very very pretty! Price is less than I thought too.
  6. Pretty! I would love it in black.
  7. It's pretty, but does no one else see the...ahem...phallace?
  8. i love both the bag and the Naked Shoes!!!
  9. i think it's cute, and i like the color. lol, nerdphanie, it doesn't seem very phallic to me.
  10. I hope it comes in Caviar. Really pretty.
  11. I will scan the other part of the invite for you. It doesn't have a bag but has these really funky sneaker shoes that have naked soles. Wild.
  12. i love that bag! it's so cute! does anyone know what other colors this bag comes in?
  13. the style is cute...lambskin??? or
  14. *perks up* Did someone say "Phallas"?

    Awww............I can't see it *pouts*. Still think the bag is cute. Love the shade of red.