Bag magazine?

  1. Are there any magazines out there that focus mainly on bags?! If so, what are they? If not, would people be interested in one??
  2. Wow, I would LOVE that and also a magazine devoted to jewelry!
  3. It would be great to have a magazine devoted to bags, jewelry and shoes. That would be neat!
  4. Ooooooo, a magazine devoted to accessories! The cc would be even more challenged!
  5. yes, i love the ELLE ACCESSORIES magazine, i usually find it in Borders or my local CVS, it's $4.99 per copy and it's for bags, shoes, jewelrys only!
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  6. Accessories magazine... but it's more of a market magazine.
    There is also Shuz magazine that is dedicated to shoes and accessories.
  7. Also,

    WWD Accessories (biannual) is awesome.
  8. I really look forward to the Elle Accessories twice a year. There's so much stuff in it. Definitely not one you to toss out after a read! :yes:
  9. Goodness wouldn't that be fun. Considering I just described the LV section of eLuxury as soft "porn" yesterday. Lol :drool:
  10. I read Elle Accessories. In fact, I still have a copy from last Fall. As part of my habit, I also check out the handbags section from major department stores. Btw, you can find magainze focus only on bags, jewelry, and shoes in Asia.
  11. I would love a mag devoted to bags! InStyle usually has some good issues on them - but a mag entirely devoted to them would be great.
  12. i would love a mag entirely of hangbags like prices, where to buy, newest trend and stuff. that would be so cool.
  13. This thread just made me miss SHOP magazine - it had handbags, shoes, etc and where to buy them.
  14. :lol::lol: I hear ya!

    I think a mag or a website (there probably are some though) devoted to bags would be sweeeeeet. :yes:
  15. I buy Elle Accessories too, and love when it comes out - so many beautiful goodies! :nuts: