Bag identification, I hope?

  1. Prada's Meadow posted this picture in the British *It* Girls & Their Bags thread. I *love* this bag; it looks familiar but I can't identify it! I asked in the original thread, but no one's responded. Can anyone identify this bag? It's beautiful! :love:
  2. I don't know but I'd guess Dolce & Gabbana{?}
    They use LOTS of leopard, actually Prada has been too.
  3. I know the shape looks familiar, and the zipper tab, but i can't rememer seeing anything that looks like this. Thanks for the guess! :yes:
  4. Looks like Valentino to me
  5. Hmmm, I'll search Valentino too. Thanks! :smile:
  6. the zipper looks like balenciaga :biggrin: but im pretty sure its not... i also think D&G
  7. could it be pierre hardy?
  8. I have the answer!! That pic is in the back of the October 16th issue of People Magazine, and the bag is credited to Roger Vivier.
  9. Whee! Thank you! I knew one of our fabulous forum members would know. :yes: Thank you to everyone who responded! :yes:
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