Bag brands with lots of pockets/organization?

  1. I love bags that have lots of pockets especially ones with more than one compartment and I don't like bag organizers or handbags that you can tell are organizers. TIA.
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    There are definitely quite a few brands out there with bags with good organisation! For bags that go beyond the main compartment with standard internal organisation (i.e. zip pocket + open slip pockets), I quite like Jenny Yuen, particularly the Gatsby (two large pockets/compartments on the front and back, exterior zip pocket on the front, and two small snap pockets on the sides). Most of her other styles (e.g. Hitchcock, Sherlock, Esme) also have the two large pockets, whilst the Sherlock also has a zip pocket on the front.

    Rebecca Minkoff's Matinee also has got a great number of exterior pockets, eight in total (two zip pockets on the front and back, two zip pockets on either end, and a slip pocket in front of each of those four pockets). I also like Botkier's Trigger for its organisation, with two separate front and back compartments in addition to the main compartment. Botkier's interiors have a nice extra too, a long chain keyfob that allows you to use your keys without having to unclip them. Treesje's Asher works quite well with two large zipped pockets on the front and back too, though its interior organisation is pretty standard (and the interior slip pockets are a little too shallow sometimes, in fact).

    If you're thinking of internal compartments, some of Belen Echandia's styles come with a central zipped compartment that divides the interior of the bag. The styles I'm thinking of are the various sizes of the Love Me and Take Me Everywhere. The stock bags may have a removable central zipped compartment, though (it attaches with snap buttons and can be taken out to function as a pouch), but if you want one that's non-removable (i.e. sewn into the lining), you can probably request that if you customise a bag. The added plus of customisation is that you can add other extra pockets too, and the owner can probably advise you on what will and won't work.

    I'm a pocket fiend too, though I'm mostly interested in midrange designers. HTH!

    ETA: Oh, almost forgot to add! The Botkier Trigger has got two hidden slip pockets on the exterior too, under the triangular flap on the front and back, and the zippers on the front also lead to a "pocket" of sorts (a small space in the flap, can't store too much there, though). The hidden slip pockets are pretty secure too, since you can't really access them unless you unclip the strap that connects the front and back flaps.
  3. I am a ridiculously anal-retentive person, and I have pretty hard and fast rules, and have had custom bag inserts made to make sure I have what I need.

    Currently I am carrying the Diesel Night Warrior Padme tote. It's PERFECT for me. It has one big main compartment that zips. Then in each "handle" there's a nice big pocket section. And one of those has a zip section too that's pretty large as well. ON the inside of the main compartment is two wall pockets, and a zip pocket. This might be the bag I have been waiting for. I am seriously considering buying a 2nd and having it dyed black or something so I have a brown and a black. Its about $280, I got it on Ebags.

    Another option is Marc Jacobs. Totally Turnlock Teri is a good one. It's the same kind of setup except that it looks like three sections whereas the Diesel doesn't look like it from the outside.
  4. I have a kipling bag that I use when I need to be organised.
  5. Lockheart. Most have at least 5 interior pockets. And most Michael by Michael Kors have really good inside pockets and organization.
  6. Thank you! I've taken a look at all of the bags suggested and really like quite a few of them!!
  7. You should check out Marc Jacobs bags and wallets, they usually have pockets :p
  8. Meeee toooo.. always loved LOTS of pockets!! But can never find them. I want LEATHER and a LONG strap.. like a messenger strap length, hip length bag. Not happening.. every bag right now has a short shoulder strap.
  9. I think the Proenza Schouler PS1 is great in terms of organization - it has a good number of pockets and I find each one useful.

    Agree on the Belen Echandia comment - they usually have 2 large pockets and 2 smaller ones, or 1 large pocket, a zipped divider, and 2 smaller pockets plus an outer pocket.

    Also, when I bought my first Chanel flap (reissue) I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has more than enough pockets and really keeps me organized.
  10. Definitely Lockheart if you want lots of pockets. They always have tons of pockets inside and plenty of pockets on the outside as well. What I love best is that the outside pockets are incorporated into the design of the bags so well that at first you don't realize that they're there!

    I have a Lockheart tote that has 6 slip and 1 zip pocket inside, plus 4 slash pockets on the outside and one hidden cell holder. That's 12 pockets total!
  11. Coach Maggie have 3 different compartment.. each compartment have at least two slot..

    Coach Garnet have 2 different compartment with 3 pocket..
  12. I don't require any pockets since I have a purse organiser which IMO works very well for me. I simply 'transfer' my purse organiser from one bag to another. That I won't miss any items in one of the pockets in my earlier bag when I switch bags and that will motivate me to use my bags more!
  13. I have a purse organiser too with lots of pockets, so if you do get a bag with not enough slots and pockets, I highly recommend purchasing a bagliner for instant pockets. :biggrin:
  14. I like lots of pockets too, but if needs be I'm quite happy with a fabric pouch I bought in France a few years ago. It looks great and I use it for lip gloss, tissues, lighter and suchlike. It works great.
  15. MZ Wallace bags have lots of pockets!