Bag advice!

  1. I'm having problems picking out a clutch (or tiny shoulder bag) to go with my bridesmaids dress. Maybe some of you kind folks can help a gal out. :smile:

    The dress:


    It's a peachy-pink satin, though the color might look orange depending on your monitor calibration.
  2. I love that dress!!!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! I don't know which bag I would choose but maybe someone here will help. Maybe a silver colored bag?
  3. Any nude colors will tan, beige or even a muted or matte gold. Check out David's Bridal website...they have "dyeable" clutches with lots of shade to choose from.

    Or, not sure if you're gonna like this...but my friend picked this out for her bridesmaids. Check out the picture & link below:
    [​IMG]Silk Take-Out Bag w/ Coin Purse

    Hope it helps,

  4. I'm glad that my friend is being very open to letting us decide what we want to wear.. the only thing she picked was the color of the dress. We got to pick the style of dress, and our shoes and bag. I have gold shoes, but I don't want my bag to be too "matchy", so I'm trying to stay away from gold, haha
  5. I was sort of thinking of a gold might be nice. Nothing super metallic, but a paler gold shimmery one or something? Or a neutral. I'm always so paranoid about dyables products. I've heard of shoes bleeding if it rains so I'd worry about a purse. But I've never personally experienced that, just from things I"d heard before.
  6. Metallic colors would look nice with the dress, like silver, pale gold or dark green :smile:
  7. iunno why but it screams white to me...
  8. that's one lovely dress...
  9. LV Satin Clutch!
  10. Gorgeous dress!
  11. Nice dress, here are some ideas:
    NMV6393_mp.jpg NMV7864_mp.jpg NMV8427_mp.jpg NMV4993_mp.jpg NMV9009_mp.jpg
  12. i'd go with a metallic clutch too, both gold or you have an idea for the shoes??
    the clutches Rose posted are dorable, here are some cheaper ones..
    (available in silver too)
    (there's in silver too)+
  13. it's a great dress, and i ADORE all the clutches mischa posted.
    i think the last clutch on mischa's 1st post is absolutely adorable and will look GREAT on your dress :P
    good luck!