Bad Influence

  1. I haven't been in this forum long and already you're a Bad Influence!!!

    I just purchased a scribble tote and wallet off eBay.
  2. lol, yea we all tend to enable each other!!! :tup:
  3. YOU havent been on long? Ha, Ive only been on this forum for 2.5 weeks and I've already bought 2 coach bags!!!!
  4. Only been in the couch forum about a week if that. Otherwise i'm an addicted LV purchaser... I thought i'd branch out and look what happens.
  5. It seems that way!
    I've already put in my xmas order with s/o and crossing my fingers.
  6. I think that I am winning...since September PCE, I have bought 4 purses, 2 wristlets, 1 wallet and a bottle of COACH perfume. UGH!!! My DH wishes I never found you guys!!!
  7. Yeah, BF!! You got the tote! I'm glad it worked out!! Welcome to the Coach forum!!
  8. WOW !!!
  9. Yep I found one and went for it... I think its going to be perfect for summer/light weight and I wont have to hide it from the sun.. like my lv's :biggrin:

    I just hope it fits over my shoulder :biggrin: