Bad experience at the Pet Shop!

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  1. So this afternoon, my mom and I went to the puppy store to look at french bulldogs. We're looking around, and I spotted a large LV dog carrier for sale. It was 110% fake; and on sale for $129! $129 for a fake, but $1,800 for a puppy! How can a store sell something like that? If a pet store is willing to sell fake designer dog carriers, I can only imagine that they are dealing with shady breeders who sell sick pups. It made me so angry. :censor:
  2. wow that sucks. i would've gotten pist. Did you say something to anyone in charge there??
  3. Check this out Fakes are never in fashion anti counterfeit website from Harpers you can report it here in fact any one who see's anything counterfeit report it
  4. Your first mistake is going to a pet store to look for a puppy. they puppies that come from puppy mills.

    I would suggest if you're in the market for a puppy you do some serious research first, check dog breeder annual and the internet for breeders in your area. Check out the breeder / the issues the dog as that you are looking for*they all have them* and the go there* to the breeder* and see the living conditions of these dogs.. before buying.

    Good luck finding a good puppy.
  5. ^^ I heard about the Puppy mills off PETA but i don't see how it's going to stop them , I think we need a president that hates fakes and everything..In the Uk you cant buy dogs like that , Thats great and everything but when i found a breeder at the Kennel club they wanted us to be at home ALL DAY during the week, and that obviously couldnt happen sice i have school and my family work. So i was devistated.
    I hope you find a great puppy i think you should try and find a good breeder somewere else first i don't know if you have something like Kennel club in the us but if you do use them because they are very well know here.GOOD LUCK!
    You need to report it to the website posted above thats disgusting i just wonder how they think they can get away with it.
  7. ^^ regardless of price most of their puppies come from puppy mills.

    No breeder with a good reputation would give their puppies to a pet store. They arent in the market for that. They breed because they enjoy it and are breeding good blood lines and for a reason.
  8. ^^ Some people love dogs no matter where they come from.
  9. i cannot belive that a pet store was selling a FAKE LV Dog carrier!

    i would speak to their manager and explain that its a fake AND you cannot possibly want to buy a Frenchie from them now.

    i bought my boston from a local pet store who only buys from local breeders, however, i almost bought a boston off puppyfinder. but i do know that if that pet shop had a fake LV in it i would have raised hell.
  10. Ditto every single word.
    Please don't get a dog from a pet store.
  11. I'd send a letter to the store and the Better Business Bureau or file a complaint with the BBB about the counterfeit merchandise the store is selling.
  12. Sorry this spoilt your trip. I agree with others about not buying from the pet store, it is the same here - a lot of the cute little puppies in the pet shop come from breeders with 10 or so different breeds who breed the parents to death to supply in demand puppies.
    I would contact your kennel club or canine control council to ask for names of reputable, caring breeders.
  13. we just went there to look; our family will buy from a breeder ONLY. i feel so bad for the dogs there; for the most part, they all had kennel cough and they were underweight and some of them were eating their own feces!!

    but i will definitely check out that website above and report the store; i still cant believe they were selling those carriers!
  14. $1800 for a French Bulldog? My husband's pet shop sells frenchies for $1200 and they come from top pedigree show winners. Not only are they ripping you, they're also selling fakes. Always shop around when looking for dogs. Anyone can get papers.
  15. ITA