Bad Dinner !!

  1. Went to a new resturant that just opened and was excited to see what it has to offer, we ordered a fancy set from the menu (jap food) and waited for nearly an hour for our food :cry: but there was only one other table at the resturant....then after we all thought the course is finished we found out there are 3 more dishes from the set that hasn't been i asked the waitress, and she said two dishes are still cooking...and the other one is cancelled ??:shocked: so this whole dinner took us about 2 hours to finish and when i went to the front to pay i asked her why they didn't cross out the dish from the set if its no longer provided? and she just gave me a blank expression and they forgot to do it :rant: I was not HAPPY since her attitude is not that good, so i asked if she knew its illegal to put things on the menu making ppl think they will get it for THAT price ! :censor: IF she could be just a little bit more polite i wouldn't be so rude to her, but that waitress really pisses me off !!! and during the whole 2 hour dinner she didn't even remeber to pour us more tea..... i would undertsand it if the place is packed, but there's only two table the whole time !!!!
    what a bad dinner :Push:
  2. Yikes! I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I would be pissed too! But I never express my anger before I get my food. You never know what they will do to it.
  3. yes.....that is why I only expressed my anger when i was paying for it hehehehhe.....:P
  4. was the wine??

    sorry about your dinner twinkie.
    I hate when reality doesn't meet my expectations, especially after being so excited about it. I hope it wasn't the Ebi they "cancelled" Mmmmmmm Ebi....
  5. I had a similar experience with my BF when we went to DC Coastal a couple a weeks ago. Our waitress was so damn rude!!! She was not helpful and got my BF the wrong drink and was not apologetic about it. And then she tells us that she was going to bring out our appetizers before she brought out the main dishes because she didn't want our table to be cluttered: WTF?? I said that is what she is supposed to do anyway. She was just very unprofessional. The manager saw our facial expressions and came over to us and was really helpful. I guess the manager was once a bartender because she made my BF another drink HERSELF (and made it stronger) . We will NEVER go there again! And, we only tipped her $20!!! B:censor: h.

    BTW: she was not new because when we asked her for recommendations, she said that in her 8 YEARS she had everything on the menu so she couldn't suggest ONE THING! Whatever...
  6. Wow - crap service and you still give a $20 tip!
  7. I know. I'm such a sucker...

  8. i also wait until before paying to express how i feel about the services.
    sorry to hear how disappointing it was.
  9. I too, will not voice my opinion until AFTER the food is served!
  10. sorrie to hear a/b that... man, that's one crappy restaurant.. may be they'll run out of biz soon. :P
  11. How terrible! It would be acceptable if the restaurant was full, but two tables??!
  12. yeah.....we will never go back for sure !! at least we don't have to tip anyone here in NZ heheheh.....:P
    it was a lousy resturant anyway, not authentic jap food.....i don't think its going to survive here in Auckland at all :lol: