bad day! Damage control advice?

  1. So today I was carrying a big gym bag with a gallon water inside and my Mono Koala wallet was in there too. To my horror I discovered in the car that the cap on that gallon water came off and almost the whole gallon spilled in my bag! Now my wallet is all wet (and my cell phone ruined too but I am more worried about LV!)
    I tried to blow dry it but it is still damp. it seems kind of flimsy and bubbly on the inside of the wallet. Do you think it will dry ok?
  2. I can't offer any advice, just a hug:sad:
  3. oh no! im not sure i could give advice on how to get it better but i wanted to send all the best that the wallet is ok! its sad :sad: when any LV is damaged! xx
  4. just leave it to dry naturally I once dropped a mono credit card holder in a big dirty puddle it sat there for over 30 minutes until I noticed but it dried out just fine.

    The bubbling could be because of the blowing drying so I'd say stop and just let it dry it over time.

    Oh my cc holder curled at the edge but I put a heavy book on top and that fixed it (BUT after it dried)
  5. I would let it dry naturally too.
  6. oh that sucks, sorry about that *hug*, really can't offer any advice on this one, but plz keep us update.:flowers:
  7. give it time to dry and stack heavy books on top of it it if the shape becomes slightly deformed.
  8. Sorry that happened, agree with Label stop the blow drying & let it dry out naturally.
  9. Oh no!!!! Hope it dries okay!
  10. Just let it air dry flat. With luck everything will be ok.

  11. Let it dry and it should be fine after awhile. I had the same thing happen to me with a Chanel wallet and it was fine, so I'm sure you'll lv will be.
  12. aww. im so sorry to hear about your wallet. i wet my zippy wallet before too but just let it air dry and it turned out ok.
  13. I would let it air dry. From my experience, messing with things just makes it worse. I had coffee spilt on my manhattan strap and tried to blot it up. That just made it worse. The other day I got caught in some rain with my speedy and panicked when the handles got some rain on them. Luckily once I was inside a building it took just a few minutes and no water spots remained. Good luck, and I hope it turns out okay!
  14. Thanks all! I am letting it air dry now and have stopped the blowdrying! I am so thankful that I exchanged my original MC koala for a mono koala because I remember the MC had a lighter leather inside and I'm thinking that would be ruined for sure in this situation!
  15. Definitely take your phone apart (battery pack, sim card, face plates, etc.) and blow dry it. My old phone was completely submerged in water, and I thought it was a goner! I blow dried it, and it was good as new!:yes: