Bad Bad Bad

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  1. so my roommate decided since our landlords are scumbags and our apartment has too many things they need to fix (and they havent fixed ANYTHING) that we can pay them rent a week late, and i can buy another purse... :yahoo:


    but oh so very freakin fabulous.

    We're going to the freeport outlet. Dooney or Coach...

    what do YOU think i'm coming home with?

    gayman, you are such a bad influence!~

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. PS i bought a 150 dollar DOONEY YESTERDAY! TPF is BAD for my WALLET! oo wallet... i should buy one!
  3. ha ha ha... congrats on the dooney!!
  4. YAY! lol. Let us know what you end up with!!!
  5. you're :devil: .....
  6. buy a coach for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: and tell your roommate i love him already hahah great suggestion in my opinion CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU BUY TODAY! : )
  7. A vice shared . . . .How I love this place!
  8. Make sure to let us know what you got... Congrats on the new Dooney you bought yesterday. This damn purse thing is so addicting
  9. You'll LOVE the outlets! Coach especially... they always have cute little accessories for $30-$50
  10. Have fun at the outlets. Both Coach and Dooney have great outlets. I went to the Dooney outlet in Orlando and couldn't beleive the markdowns. I got a Nile hobo I had been lusting after for less than 50% of the retail.
  11. check out my saturday haul post! it's got pix of what i bought, or whatever is closest to what i bought that i could find pictures of! please check them out and lemme know what you think!
  12. I think you'll come home w/ a COACH *hint hint*
  13. What did you get?
  14. check out my saturday haul post!

    whatever nothing SPECTACULAR, if you could SEE the Dooney i got today, you'd know why i'm PREENING over it. it's delicious! you can only see the style not exact colors, and i hate that! i'm gettin my friend over with a digi soon to get acctual pixxxx!