Backstage Miroir pics?

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  1. I'm sure I've seen a backstage pic of the miroir bags somewhere around here it shows different styles and colours (some have a greeny and bluey metallic) can any one else remember it or knows where it is.

    The reason I'm asking is I think it showed the Noe in Miroir and with all this talk of it's possible release I want to take a pic to my store so I can get on the list when it starts
  2. i saw the mirror noe on the fashion show slides~
    didn't c a lockit tho.~
  3. Thanks!! I found a pic of it (not the one I was thinking off but still good)

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  4. I remember this pic too :nuts:
  5. ^ Thank you I was beginning to think I dreamt it
  6. I remeber it was a bryanboy's pics. Try searching for topics with bryanboy. :smile:
  7. Here we go!


  8. wow colorfull....
    the noe is quite big...would be cute in mini size :biggrin:
  9. is that a mirror clutch? looks pretty:nuts:
  10. Yes it's the very expensive clutch around $210 000
  11. expensive, they're actually made for sale?
  12. Wow- I love the red!!!
  13. in special order only lol you have to pay half of the price first
  14. I like that red, too! I wonder if it'll come in a different style.
  15. And colours too!