1. Are there any cute comfy and functional backpacks out there that don't have a flap over the top? The flap drives me crazy! I have a toddler and need something I can carry around while chasing her. I was going to go with a messenger type bag, but they're not working for me. Any suggestions would be great!
  2. I think almost everybackpack has the flap. The only one I know that does not have it is the Kate Spade baby backpack. It has the zipper on top vs the flap.
  3. Have you looked at any of the Ellington leather backpacks? They have some that do not have the flap. Prices are very reasonable. I have one that has a top snap closure.
  4. Thanks for the responses! I guess a backpack with a flap would be okay as long as it wasn't velcro or an actual snap. I guess magnetic would work. And I've tried the Ellington stella tote but it wasn't big enough.
  5. Think about LV Mabillon. Sturdy Epi leather, you can get slightly used one for just a few hundred on eBay.


  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn't thought of the LV Mabillon. I'm not sure if it's large enough.

    zooba which ellington backpack do you have? I've been eyeing a couple of them and was wondering how people like them.
  7. I've had an Ellington since 1996 and I adore it. The leather gets better as it ages, and I get compliments on it every time I carry it.
  8. lv ellipse?
  9. i really like the LV and gucci backpacks