Back in Black

  1. Ok after experimenting with lots of colors & styles, and driving myself insane in the process, suddenly I am satisfied with carrying my black RH city everyday. Its just easy and I don't have the stress of changing bags to match outfits. Has this happened to anyone else over their Bal timelines?
  2. i definitely carry my black RH city the most :yes:

    it's easy b/c it matches w/everything and i can toss it around w/out having to worry about dirt, etc. it's just a carefree bags in many more ways than one.

    and it's saxxy :p
  3. Sort of. I do tend to grab my Black Day a lot for casual days/outfits, but to be totally honest <and ducking as I say this here!> I actually still carry my LV Cabas Mezzo to work everyday because it a great size and has proven itself to be very durable even in the nasty Ohio weather so I don't have to feel nervous about carrying it. I carry my bbags in the evenings and on the weekends so I do tend to go with what matches the outfit that I'm wearing, but yeah, I do notice that my Black Day probably get the most use!
  4. I'll duck with you....I carry my LV damier speedy just about every day because of the same reason. I switched everything over to my new EB City, so excited to have and use my new bag, only to have lousy New England weather all week so I had no choice but to switch back to my LV. I don't want to ruin my new bag. I can't wait to switch back to my EB city though.....better days are coming!!
  5. LOL, love the title :p

    I have the exact opposite problem: with all the color my black city never gets out :shrugs:

    Maybe it's a mood thing - what's the weather like for you on Fantasy Island??? :jammin:
  6. Yep. I definitely use my Black RH City more than my other Cities and love it so much that I'm contemplating getting another. Looks like I'm going to be a bama mini-me!
  7. I had an extended love affair with my black RH City. I carried it over 500 days straight leaving all my other bags sitting lonely in their dustbags. I finally retired it and I'm now carrying my SGH black City. I'm actually thinking about buying a new RH black City since my first one is looking a little shabby. IMO a black RH City is the perfect bag!
  8. LOL @ "500 days straight"... are you just exaggerating?
  9. I carry my black Twiggy everyday,but today my Red Epi speedy comes out to play.:smile:
  10. You know i have a GGH Black Work and i just bought a 06 Black Day.:nuts: Black is most definitely the easiest color to carry every day.:tup:
  11. I've switched all my bags to black with the exception of my MOgano.. with a black first and black twiggy and 1 brown Chanel and the rest of them are all black. SO versatile... matches everything.. and best of all no worrying!
  12. I'm definitly saving to get a RH black city as my next bag because it goes with everything, and like everyone said you don't have to worry about stains or dirt. Also, black is always classic and always in style.
  13. I have been using my black SGH for the past 3 weeks. I use to change colors every few days, but have gotten really lazy.
  14. Unbelievably, I'm not exaggerating! The only break I took during the 500+ days was for a few hours when I bought the most gorgeous rouge vif city ever. I loaded up the red bag, went to the mall, felt completely awkward with it and came home and put everything back in my black bag. Tried the red bag again and the same thing happened so I really did carry my black city every single day for over 500 days!

    Btw, considering the heavy use, this bag held up remarkably well!
  15. Well, after many Bal years for me, I am just getting to the stage where I want a Black bag! I think I have been through just about every colour group at some stage. After desperately searching for a mint 05 Grey with no luck, I caved in and bought by first sort-of black bag - a Steel City. I always reach for it, but it has remained in the rotation most of the time. Now I can't stop thinking about a Black Day bag! I think I am now ready for black! This is the pic I can't get out of my head:

    I'd also love a Black GSH Work...So, I am now WITH YOU ALL on black bags. I get it now:yes:
    Charlotte Gainsbourg_Elle_Nov07.jpg